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What to Do with Diabetes and Creatinine Level 2.9

Posted:by kidneytc  Time:2015-06-12 10:20

Topics: Diabetic Nephropathy Treatment Creatinine

Details: Hi, doctor. I am a diabetic and on insulin. Last year had heart attack. After that kidney got weak. Controlled my creatinine level to 1.8 and now again yesterday it came to 2.9. I am worried. What to do?

Expert Answer


Hi, thanks for leaving us message. Please do not worry, we will try our best to help you with your creatinine level 2.9. You said you are a diabetic, so it is necessary for you to understand the relationship between diabetes and elevation of serum creatinine level. As for your problem, we will explain in the following two aspects. If you still have any questions after reading it, please email us to: .

What does creatinine 2.9 mean for a diabetic?

For a diabetic, high creatinine level means impairment of kidney function. Diabetes is marked by persistent high blood sugar and to remove excess glucose out of the body, kidneys have to keep working hardly, which is very bad for kidney. That is why, years of diabetes cause kidney problem easily and also that is one of the reasons why diabetics are suggested to control their blood sugar in normal range.

Creatinine is a waste produced in our body and normally it is removed out of the body with urine. Kidney is in charge of producing urine and when kidneys are damaged, they can not work as well as they did before, as a result of which, creatinine can not be eliminated timely, leading to high serum creatinine level.

Normally, serum creatinine level fluctuates in the range of 0.5-1.3mg/dL. Creatinine level 2.9 is very high level, which means lots of toxins are building up in the blood. If no treatment is given to help kidneys cleanse blood, dialysis or kidney transplant will be required sooner or later.

What to do with diabetes and creatinine level 2.9?

With diabetes and high creatinine level 2.9, the following several steps are necessary:

1. Control blood sugar in normal range, which is very good for kidney.

2. Take medical treatment like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to strengthen kidney. When kidneys work better, wastes in the blood like creatinine are removed timely. Only in this way, can creatinine level 2.9 be reduced down to the normal range.

3. Protect residual kidney tissues: this needs us to improve renal blood circulation, increase bloodstream in kidney and increase the self-curative ability of kidney intrinsic cells. Many Chinese medicines can be used to achieve these treatment goals and you need to take the right medicines according o your specific condition.

4. Make sure you are taking kidney-friendly foods. Improper diet will further damage kidney, which may cause further elevation of serum creatinine level.

5. Avoid being exhausted. A good bed rest is always recommened.

6. No smoking and no drinking of alcohol.

If you do as above, your illness will be certainly brought under control and also you can avoid dialysis and kidney transplant successfully. Creatinine level 2.9 is a high level and you need to stop its elevation as soon as possible. If you have any questions as this aspect, please contact online doctor or leave us a message directly.

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