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The Most Common Symptoms of Kidney Failure

Posted:by kidneytc  Time:2015-06-16 10:19

Topics: Kidney Failure Treatment Kidney Failure Symptoms

Details: Hi, I would like to know what are the most common symptom when a person have a kidney failure? Is body swelling included?

Expert Answer


Yes, swelling is one of the common symptoms of kidney failure. Healthy kidneys help to remove unwanted fluid out of the body as urine and when kidneys shut down, fluid that should be eliminated build up in blood, causing swelling. In cases of kidney failure, this symptom usually firstly appears in body parts with loose tissues like eyelid, face, ankle, limbs and testis in male. If no treatment is given, it will spread to the whole body. Fluid limitation and diuretics are necessary in the treatment for swelling.

When a person have kidney failure, besides swelling, he also experience some other symptoms which go as below:

1. Tiredness or fatigue: renal anemia is a common cause of this problem

2. Gastrointestinal discomforts like poor appetite, nausea and vomiting, which are especially serious in the morning.

3. Dizziness: this can be caused by many conditions like high blood pressure, malnutrition and it even may occur as a side effect of certain medicine taken by the patient.

4. Foamy urine: this is the clinical manifestation of proteinuria. In such a case, foams exist for a very long time in urine and they may not be able to flushed away.

5. Blood urine: normal urine color is yellow, but in such a case, the urine might be tea-colored, dark orange, rusty color and red.

6. Lower back pain, which actually refers to kidney pain

7. Skin problems like dry skin, itchy skin and dark skin.

8. Elevation of blood pressure: high blood pressure can be a cause of kidney failure, also a symptom of chronic kidney problem.

9. Frequent UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) which always causes urgent urination, frequent urination and burning feeling during urination.

Kidney plays multiple role in our body, so when kidneys shut down, our inter body systems are involved easily. That is why kidney failure patients may experience various physical discomforts. The above are the most common symptoms of kidney failure and beside them, there are some others like bone problems and diarrhea. Swelling is just one of the symptom that kidney failure patients are likely to experience. If you want to learn more about this topic, please feel free to contact us: or consult online doctor directly.

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