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Kidney Disease Patients With Protein Spilling For 7 Years, Bad Memory, Fragile Bone And Joints

Posted:by xueling  Time:2014-07-02 15:50

Topics: Patient Care

Details: I have been having protein spilling in my urine for 7 years now. My memory is really bad and my bones and joints are fragile. Also I have obvious swelling, especially once I get up and as long as I am not in bed. Wake up with extreme facial swelling.

Expert Answer


It is my pleasure to help you. From your statement, I can preliminary conclude that you experience kidney disease. And here I will analyze why you have these symptoms with kidney disease.

Protein in urine

As for proteinuria, kidney disease can affect surrounding kidney tissues like glomerulus which is the filter of blood and works through mechanical barrier and charge barrier. For mechanical barrier, it only allows substances with small molecular weight to pass through. In this way, macromolecular substance and some middle molecular substances are kept in blood. As for charge barrier, it only allows protect substances with negative charge in blood from being leaked out. Protein belongs to macromolecular substance with negative charge. Normally, it will be kept in blood and only a small amount of protein will leak into urine. However, when glomeruli is damaged, macromolecular substances like protein can leak into urine.

Poor memory

As for your poor memory, anemia and toxins circulation can be causes of it. Anemia means your brain is not getting enough oxygen, which can lead to memory problem, trouble with concentration and dizziness. With kidney disease, many toxins and wastes will build up in blood. With blood circulation, these harmful substances can flow to every part of the body. Once they deposit in the nerve system, memory problems are also likely to appear.

Fragile bones and joints

Phosphorus is an important mineral for bone health. With kidney disease, it can build up in your blood, making bones more brittle and causing itchy skin and bone and joints pain.

Swelling in your body

Healthy kidneys can discharge excessive fluid out of the body. Damaged kidneys fail to perform this function. Thus, excessive water will pile up in your body and your body will present with swelling. The edema is most obvious in the morning.

All conditions are induced by damaged kidney. Therefore, if you want to treat them, you should repair injured kidney tissues and improve kidney function.

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