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What Are the Treatment Options for Grade 2 Bilateral Renal Parenchymal Disease

Posted:by kidneytc  Time:2015-03-15 10:27

Topics: CKD Treatment

Details: Hi, My mom went for regular checkup and she was diagnosed with grade 2 bilateral renal parenchymal disease. Is it a serious problem? What are the treatment options? Thanks

Expert Answer


Renal parenchymal disease is the kidney problem in which the outermost part of the kidney is damaged. The word “bilateral” means both of her kidneys are damaged. Grade 2 is not a very serious condition, but if no treatment is given as soon as possible, it will gradually develop to kidney failure and at that time, dialysis or kidney transplant is required.

Treatment options for for grade 2 bilateral renal parenchymal disease include:

1. Conventional treatment

Grade 2 bilateral renal parenchymal disease might be accompanied with some symptoms or not, which include like high blood pressure, proteinuria, hematuria, swelling and tiredness. Conventional treatment treats renal parenchymal disease by treating its symptoms and it seems we are getting recovery, as all the clinical manifestation are disappearing, but actually, tight control of these symptoms only helps to slow down illness progression, and it can not stop illness from developing to kidney failure. That is why so many patients finally develops to kidney failure stage, even if they are taking medicines to control this illness.

2. Holistic treatment

A holistic treatment is needed if we want to stop grade 2 bilateral renal parenchymal disease from running to kidney failure. The holistic treatment includes the following several aspects:

-tight control of all the symptoms: this is to stop further damage on kidney

-repair some injured kidney tissues: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a very good herbal treatment which not only repair some injured kidney tissues, but also strengthen residual kidney tissues. More importantly, this treatment is harmless, because all the herbs are used externally.

-a well-planed diet: foods we eat affect our physical condition directly, so foods we eat must be good for kidney, and try to avoid as possible harm on kidney.

-prevention of cold and infection: cold and infection are the leading two factors that can cause acute kidney failure, so we need to take measures to prevent them.

-good living habits: no smoking, no drinking of alcohol, regular bed rest, regular physical exercise.

Grade 2 bilateral renal parenchymal disease is not very serious and can be controlled easily, but if we take wrong treatment or miss the best time to bring it under control, kidney failure will be the final consequence.

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