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What Should Be the Diet Arrangement for High BUN

What Should Be the Diet Arrangement for High BUNDiet should be different when BUN is high, so that we can avoid further elevation of BUN. Well, what should be the diet arrangement for high BUN?

What is BUN?

BUN is the abbreviation of Blood Urea Nitrogen which refers to the amount of nitrogen in our blood. Urea nitrogen is the major end product of protein, so high protein consumption will lead to elevation of BUN.

What does high BUN mean?

Kidney is an internal organ which is responsible for filtering blood and removing metabolic wastes out of the body. Urea nitrogen is one of the wastes that need to be cleared away by kidney, so BUN level can be affected by kidney condition.

For a healthy adult, his BUN level should be in the range of 9-20mg/dl. Persistent increasing of BUN means large amounts of urea nitrogen are building up in the blood, which generally indicates impairment of kidney function.

What should be the diet for high BUN?

For people with high BUN due to kidney problem, diet arrangement should be good for kidney and meanwhile produce less urea nitrogen. Considering this, the following dietary principles are required when BUN is high:

- less protein intake: urea nitrogen is the end product of protein, so consuming less protein is needed to reduce the production of urea nitrogen. Besides, high quality protein is recommended as it can provide our body with necessary nutrients and meanwhile produce less waste, say urea nitrogen here. How much protein is needed depends on specific kidney condition.

- less salt: while cooking, we need to add less salt, because high-salt diet is harmful for kidney and further decline of kidney function will lead to further elevation of BUN.

- foods high in carbohydrate are recommended. Carbohydrate provide us with energy and this helps to reduce protein consumption.

- fluid limitation: if high BUN is accompanied with swelling, fluid limitation is also needed to avoid aggravation of this condition.

Kidney disease is a major cause of high BUN, but not the only cause for high BUN. Therefore, further tests are needed to learn about kidney condition when BUN is high. Only when we find out the real cause of high BUN, can we know clearly about the diet arrangement.

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