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How Can We Reduce BUN Level Naturally

How Can We Reduce BUN Level NaturallyHow can we reduce BUN level naturally? Blood Urea Nitrogen, which is always shorted as BUN, is a medical test used to measure the amount of urea nitrogen in the blood. Urea nitrogen is the metabolic waste of protein, and kidney is responsible for removing excess urea nitrogen out of the body, so elevation of BUN means impairment of kidney function. High BUN is very harmful and if we fail to reduce it to a relatively low range, dialysis will be needed. Well the, how can we reduce BUN level naturally?

For a kidney disease patient, the following measures are need to reduce BUN level down to the normal range:

1. Protein limitation

Urea nitrogen is the end metabolic waste of protein, so high protein consumption will elevate BUN level. To reduce urea nitrogen in the blood, we need to limit protein intake. How much protein is needed depends on specific illness condition. You can consult our online doctor for detailed information.

2. High quality protein is recommended

Different from general protein, high quality protein can provide our body with necessary nutrients and meanwhile produce less wastes. Therefore, foods with high quality protein like lean meat, fish, egg white and milk are recommended for one with high BUN.

3. Herbal treatment to improve kidney function

By reducing the production of urea nitrogen, we can achieve the goal of stopping further elevation of BUN. However, if we want to reduce BUN level, we need to strengthen kidney so that excess urea nitrogen in the blood can be removed timely. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an effective and meanwhile harmless herbal treatment which can increase renal filtration function. So far this treatment has been applied to treat kidney disease patients from hundreds of countries in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital.

Lastly, high BUN is a clinical manifestation of kidney disease, so if we want to lower it down, we must repair kidney damages and improve kidney function. Only in this way, can problem be solved fundamentally and permanently.

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