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BUN Level and Kidney Failure

BUN Level and Kidney FailureBUN is a metabolic waste of protein.Meanwhile kidney is the main organ to remove BUN out of the body.When GFR lowers abruptly(GFR<50),BUN level is elevated in our body.When patients enters into renal failure,BUN level changes.With the elevated BUN,many other serious circumstances occur,such as high blood pressure,poor appetite,bleeding gums,electrolyte imbalance,metabolic acidosis.

Kidney failure means that kidney never works.Under this circumstances,many doctors recommend dialysis as the replacement of kidney.Dialysis can relieve serious symptoms immediately such as lower BUN levels.However,many dialysis sufferers reflect that dialysis does harmful to kidney and has many other complications.Is there any other natural therapies for kidney failure and lower BUN level?

Kidney Therapy China


As too much wastes and toxins including BUN are included in the blood,we need to clear them firstly.Immunotherapy has six steps.They are immune diagnosis,immune blocking,immune clearance,immune tolerance,immune adjustment,immune protection.Each step has its own functions.Want to know more by clicking’s more,it can lower BUN levels immediately without too much damage to kidney.Meanwhile,it also benefits for us to slow down the development of kidney failure.

Blood Pollution Therapy

Blood Pollution Therapy treats kidney failure from blood perspective instead of kidney perspective.As the blood is filtered and keeps clean,our kidneys have a good environment for self-recovery and self-regeneration.Chinese medicines play a role as assistants rather than working on kidney directly.Therefore the remaining kidney functions can be protected effectively.Meanwhile,BUN level becomes lower as kidney recovers.

Blood Purification

Blood purification aims at removing different wastes thus ensuring better recovery environment.They include hemodialysis,hemoperfusion,hemofiltration,immune absorption, and plasma exchange.All the above have already helped many kidney failure patients to lower BUN level and prolong life expectancy of kidney failure patients.

If you are interested any of them,please email to with your informations in detail and our experts will give you a reply with personal guidance.

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