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How Is High Creatinine Level Linked to High BUN

How Is High Creatinine Level Linked to High BUN

People with high BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) may find they have high creatinine level in blood. Why is this? How is high creatinine level linked to high BUN?

Actually, there is no direct relationship between high creatinine level and high BUN, but both of these two problems are related to kidney disease.

Kidney is an internal organ with multiple functions like regulate blood pressure, cleanse blood, secrete hormone, and maintain electrolyte balance. Creatinine and urea nitrogen are the two metabolic wastes that need to be removed by kidney. These two substances belong to small molecules and they can pass through kidney freely while they flow through kidney with blood. However, when kidneys are damaged, they can not filter blood as much as they did before. Under such a condition, excess creatinine and urea nitrogen can not be removed timely. They build up in blood, leading to high creatinine level and high BUN level.

Since high creatinine level and high BUN level are due to low kidney function, as long as we get kidney function improved, serum creatinine level and BUN level decrease naturally. As for the treatment that can improve kidney function, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is highly recommended. This is a herb-based treatment and to avoid stimulating gastrointestinal tract, all the herbs are used externally on Shen Shu acupoint, not orally. Chinese herbs used in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy differs from case to case and the prescription is based on “look, listen, question and feel the pulse” four diagnostic ways. For people with kidney problem, with the help of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, not only their high creatinine level and high BUN level can be lowered down to the normal range, other related physical discomforts also can be cured fundamentally. More importantly, as all the herbs are used externally, no side effects are caused during the whole treatment process, that is to say, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an effective and meanwhile harmless treatment.

In medicine, high creatinine level and high BUN level indicate serious kidney damage, so we must attach enough attention on it and take treatment as soon as possible to prevent further elevation.

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