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Diet for High Creatinine And BUN

Diet for High Creatinine And BUNCreatinine and BUN levels rise continuously for patients with kidney disease like PKD, FSGS and kidney failure by the time. This is because kidney can’t remove lots of wastes from body, including creatinine and BUN. Patients with kidney disease should combine treatment with a healthy diet in daily life. In this way, the best results can be achieved. Here we will introduce what diet can be helpful for lowering creatinine and BUN levels.

Four leading factors need to be taken much notice of, which are the below:

First, low intake of sodium

Patients with high creatinine and BUN must limit intake of salt. Because much intake of sodium can make blood pressure rise, aggravating high blood pressure. And high blood pressure can do harm to blood vessels in kidney, causing kidney damage. Then, kidney can’t remove creatinine and BUN from body, increasing creatinine and BUN levels.

Second, low protein diet

BUN is produced in body when protein is decomposed. Limiting protein food is very essential to lower BUN level. But patients with kidney disease can eat some high quality protein food which can produce few wastes and supply essential amino acid.

Third, avoid meat

Creatinine are rich in meat like chicken, pork and beef. Thus, eating much meat makes creatinine level elevate. Patients with high creatinine and BUN should have more vegetables and fruits in daily life, which can provide many vitamins.

Fourth, low intake of phosphorus

Due to kidney disease, deposition of phosphorus appears in body, much intake of phosphorus can make kidney carry more pressure. Moreover, kidney needs to keep balance of calcium and phosphorus. Thus, calcium in bones can be absorbed to maintain this balance. If high potassium level appears, patients with high creatinine and BUN should also limit intake of potassium.

Patients with high creatinine and BUN should follow the above four points, making kidney have fewer burdens. In this way, kidney can remove more creatinine and BUN from body. Apart from diet in daily life, patients with high creatinine and BUN need to get treated by Chinese medicines which achieves great success of treating kidney disease.

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