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Home Remedies To Minimize Blood Urea

Home Remedies To Minimize Blood UreaApart from creatinine level, blood urea level can also be used as a measure of how kidney function is. The more serious kidney function is, the higher blood urea level is. Thus, patients with kidney disease should pay attention to lowering blood urea level. Here we will mainly talk about home remedies to minimize blood urea.

Prior to home remedies, get understood with blood urea.

Blood urea means urea in the blood. Urea is produced when protein is decomposed in body, and it is a waste, removed from body through urine by kidney.

If kidney has something wrong, kidney can’t eliminate much urea from body, leading to high blood urea level.

Now see home remedies to minimize blood urea.

1. Low intake of protein

As protein is the direct cause of high blood urea, patients with kidney disease should have a low protein diet in daily life. However, high quality protein food like fish, milk and egg white is beneficial to them because high quality protein produces very few wastes, and can provide rich nutrients, helping enhance immunity.

2. Have enough water

Drinking much water can help kidney remove blood urea from body through urine. But if patients with kidney disease have swelling, they should limit water intake. This is because much water can aggravate condition, causing further harm to kidney.

3. A low salt diet

Patients with kidney disease should have a low salt diet, because salt can raise blood pressure, which does harm to kidney. In this way, kidney function is declined further, making much blood urea deposit in body.

4. Intake vitamins

It is very beneficial that patients with kidney disease should have more vitamins in daily life, which can help prevent inflammation in kidney and enhance immune system.

5. Low intake of phosphorus

For patients with kidney disease, deposition of phosphorus always follows them. Eating much phosphorus can put much pressure on kidney, affecting kidney function.

The above suggestions are very effective to help minimize blood urea level. If you have any question, just contact us freely.

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