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Fruits And Vegetables for People with High Blood Urea

Fruits And Vegetables for People with High Blood UreaAs is known to us, fruits and vegetables are beneficial to our health because rich vitamins and minerals are contained in them. What is more, fruits and vegetables can also do good to patients with high blood urea. Here we will introduce what fruits and vegetables benefits patients with high blood urea most effectively.

Prior to the point, know how high blood urea is caused.

Urea is produced when protein is decomposed, and it is a waste, being eliminated by kidney function through urine. Thus, if kidney function has something wrong, much urea will deposit in blood, leading to high blood urea.

Now see the point:

Deposition of potassium always appears with kidney disease, so if patients with high blood urea have high potassium level, vegetables and fruits containing high potassium should be avoided in daily life. High potassium food is as following:

Beets, carrots, pumpkin, yams, avocados, banana, oranges, watermelon, prune, raisin,etc.

However, the following can be beneficial to patients with high blood urea, which are highly recommended for them:

Peaches, pears, grapes, blackberries, alfalfa sprouts, raspberries, strawberries, plums, pineapples, garlic, hominy, cucumbers, green beans, beets, cabbage, cauliflower, blueberries, apples, cranberries, lettuce, onion, parsley, peppers, snow peas, turnips, eggplants, etc.

Besides, in the similar way as potassium, phosphorus follows patients with high blood urea very closely. Thus, low phosphorus food is recommended and high phosphorus food must be avoided strictly. Because much intake of phosphorus can put more pressure on kidney, what is worse, calcium in bones will be removed out to maintain balance of calcium and phosphorus in the blood, leading to bone problems.

Broccoli and zucchini are low in phosphorus, which is recommended for patients with high blood urea to eat in daily life.

The above is our suggestions for you, which should be followed by patients with high blood urea. If you want to know more or any question, please leave us a message or contact online doctors freely. So pleased that we can give you a hand.


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