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Symptoms of High Blood Urea Nitrogen in Kidney Failure

Symptoms of High Blood Urea Nitrogen in Kidney FailureHigh blood urea nitrogen is very likely to occur on patients with kidney failure, then how can they know they have high blood urea nitrogen in daily life? The answer is according to symptoms. Thus, here we will introduce symptoms of high blood urea nitrogen in kidney failure for you, hoping useful.

To begin with, know how high blood urea nitrogen is caused by kidney failure.

For patients with kidney failure, kidney is impaired and kidney function decreases, so kidney can’t remove large quantities from body through urine. In this way, blood urea nitrogen can deposit in blood.

As a consequent, we can know that kidney damage and decline of kidney function are the fundamental cause of high blood urea nitrogen.

What is worse, many symptoms can follow high blood urea nitrogen, which is the below:

1. High blood pressure

2. Wastes and fluids retention, and swelling may occur.

3. Fatigue

4. Blood in urine

5. Proteinuria, foamy urine, bubble urine

6. Poor appetite

7. Vomiting and nausea

8. Skin itching or dry skin

9. Sleeping problems

10. Nerve problems, such as difficulty with concentration

11. Hard to breathe, like short breath

12. Bone problems like pain in bone

The above symptoms are very common for patients with high blood urea nitrogen in kidney failure. Thus, for patients with kidney failure, if they have some symptoms of the above, it may indicate that they suffer from high blood urea nitrogen.
In this case, diet in daily life should be paid attention to:
they should have a low protein diet, because protein can produce urea nitrogen when decomposed in body, but they can have mor high quality protein food which producing very few wastes and can supply rich nutrients, and fish ,egg white and lean meat are all good source of high quality protein

Besides, low intake of salt and phosphorus is needed for them, because much intake of salt can promote high blood pressure, causing further decline of kidney function, and much phosphorus can put more burdens on kidney.

Here is our introduction for you. If you have any question or want to get more information, just contact us freely like email us to, leave us a message or talk with our online doctors. It is a great honor that we can have your trust to help you solve problems.

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