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What Are Complications Of High Urea Levels

What Are Complications Of High Urea LevelsUrea is a waste produce produced during protein synthesis. Kidneys play an important role in filtering process to help remove this waste from your body and keep it in a normal range. However, once you experience kidney disease, the filtering process of kidneys will be damaged. In this condition, urea level will be elevated. What will happen with elevated urea level?

1. The normal urea level

A test result for blood urea nitrogen (BUN)level is 12g to 20g which is considered normal. However, BUN level is also dependent on your age.

2. Complications of high urea levels

Many symptoms may be associated with high urea level in the body. The following will give you detailed information about high urea:


When the blood urea levels are too high, fatigue, extreme exhaustion for no apparent reason, weakness and low energy levels can occur. If you feel extremely tired than usual or exhausted with no reason, you may have an elevated blood urea level. Fatigue is a sign and should be taken seriously.

Oral problems

Urea is waste and if it is high in your body, strange symptoms can occur. One of the odd symptoms is an ammonia-like taste in your month as well as a strong odor of bad breath. Also mouth sore and small abrasions inside the mouth may be experienced.

Itchy skin

Kidney disease is one of the most grievous causes of itchy skin. Any kidney disease that elevates the level of urea in the blood and accumulates urate crystals in the skin can cause severe itchy skin.

Poor appetite

Increased blood urea level will cause gastrointestinal tract symptoms like poor appetite, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Nervous system problem

Frequent episodes of an elevated urea level can disrupt normal brain and central system function.

Kidney disease is directly related to having high levels of urea in blood. If left untreated, kidney failure will eventually occur. We can provide suggestions both on diet and treatment. If you need suggestions, just feel free to write to or consult our renal experts online.

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