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Does A BUN 25 Indicate Kidney Problem

Does A BUN 25 Indicate Kidney ProblemThe full name of BUN is blood urea nitrogen which is an indicator of kidney problem. Well, does a BUN 25 indicate kidney problem?

How does BUN level help to reflect kidney condition?

Urea nitrogen is one of the metabolic wastes produced in the body. It is the end product of protein and circulate with blood. Kidney is the natural filter of our body, which helps to remove wastes out of the body ceaselessly. Normally, BUN level fluctuates in the range 9-20mg/dL or 3.2-7.1mmol/L. However, when kidneys can not filter blood normally for some reason, urea nitrogen that should be cleared away will build up in blood. Under such a condition, if we do routine blood test, report will show high BUN level. That is the reason why BUN level can be used to measure kidney condition.

Does a BUN 25 indicate kidney problem?

Urea nitrogen is the product of protein. BUN 25 is higher than normal range, but this does not mean there is certainly kidney problem, because many other conditions can also lead to elevation of BUN like high protein consumption. Thus, kidney disease can not be diagnosed just by measuring BUN level.

For one with high BUN 25, he is more likely to have kidney problem if he has the following problems at the same time:

-High creatinine level

-Low Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR)

-Protein or blood in urine

-Years of high blood pressure

-Years of Diabetes

-Physical discomforts like tiredness, poor appetite, urgent urination and swelling and so on.

All in all, high BUN is just one of the indicators of kidney problem. It is not the only one. BUN 25 is higher than normal range, but we can not say one has kidney problem just by this result. To have an accurate diagnosis about, further tests are needed to learn about kidney condition.

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