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What Does High BUN Level Mean

What Does High BUN Level Mean What does high BUN level mean? To know the answer well, we need to firstly understand the several factors that may produce influence on BUN level.

1. Protein intake

BUN is the abbreviation of Blood Urea Nitrogen, which refers to the amount of urea nitrogen level in blood. Urea nitrogen is a waste production of the digestion of protein. High protein consumption will lead to increase of urea nitrogen, so protein intake is related with BUN level.

2. Renal filtration function

We consume protein at any time and urea nitrogen produced during this time will circulate with blood. Urea nitrogen belongs to small molecular substance, so it pass through kidney and get out of the body with urine freely while they flow into kidney with blood. Low renal filtration means kidneys can not successfully filter all the time in the limited time, as a result of which, some urea nitrogen build up in blood, leading to high BUN.

Normally, BUN fluctuates in the range 9-20mg/dL or 3.2-7.1mmol/L. Kidneys help to remove excess urea nitrogen out of the body, so BUN level is usually measured to learn about kidney condition. However, temporary and slight elevation of BUN do not certain mean kidney problem, as some other factors like sudden high protein intake also can lead to increase of BUN level.

People with years of Diabetes and Hypertension are more likely to have high BUN level, because both persistent high blood sugar and high blood pressure are harmful for kidney. In such a case, BUN keep increasing if no treatment is given to strengthen kidney. Besides, in kidney disease, high BUN always means serious kidney condition, because clinical studies report BUN begins to increase when about a half of kidney function is affected.

In kidney disease, to get high BUN level reduced down to the normal range permanently, we need to start from strengthening kidney and increasing renal filtration function. In this way, only BUN level can be controlled in the normal range, many other kidney-related problems also can be resolved fundamentally. Additional, high BUN level is a clinical manifestation of kidney problem, but it does not certain mean kidney problem. For these with slightly elevation of BUN level, they need to firstly find out the real cause and then take actions based on the specific condition.

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