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Chronic Kidney Disease

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How Serious Is CKD Stage 3

how serious is CKD stage 3CKD(Chronic Kidney Disease) is divided into 5 stages. For many people, when they realize they have kidney problem, they are already in CKD stage 3. Well, how serious is CKD stage 3?

CKD stage 3 is marked by GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) 30-59, which refers to moderately decreased kidney function. Kidneys play multiple roles in our daily life. They not only help us cleanse blood, but also regulate blood pressure, maintain electrolyte balance, secrete hormone and adjust acid-base balance. Therefore, when kidneys fail to function properly, we will experience various symptoms.

For one with CKD stage 3, he is more likely to have problems like fluid retention, high blood pressure, electrolyte balance, tiredness, blood urine, proteinuria and back pain and so on. If effective treatment is not given timely to stop illness progression, CKD will develop to stage 4 and at that time, more symptoms like nausea, vomiting, skin itching and shortness of breath will be caused.

CKD stage 3 is not life-threatening, but as about a half of kidney function is impaired in such a case, so medical treatment is urgently needed. A right and comprehensive treatment for CKD include:

-treatment for causes

CKD can be primary or secondary. If it is secondary to Diabetes, Hypertension or Infection, treatment for causes is needed. This helps to slow down illness progression.

-treatment for symptoms

Symptoms like high blood pressure and proteinuria are due to impaired kidney function, but if they are left alone, they will in turn further damage kidney.

-treatment for injured kidney tissues

In a damaged kidney, there are three groups of kidney tissues: healthy kidney tissues, injured kidney tissues and dead kidney tissues. Dead kidney tissues can not be brought back to life, but for injured kidney tissues, they can be repaired well. In this way, some kidney function can be improved and there is chance to reverse illness to stage 2.

-kidney-friendly diet

Actually, no matter for one with CKD stage 3 or for people who are healthy, a kidney-friendly diet is always welcomed. A well-planed diet not only reduces burden on kidney, but also strengthens kidney to some extent.

All in all, CKD stage 3 is not serious enough to deprive one’s life and it can be controlled well with right and timely treatment. However, if it is left uncontrolled or with improper treatment, it skips to end stage kidney failure easily.

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