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Chronic Kidney Disease

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What Do Stages of CKD Indicate

What Do Stages of CKD IndicatePatients may realize to their horror that they have entered into a vicious circle towards further deterioration since they suffered from CKD. What exactly the Stages of CKD are you in and how to remedy it becomes the top concern.

CKD has long been a thorny issue attributes to its high morbidity and mortality, which behaves as refractory and protracted diseased course for more than 3 months. In fact, it is divided into 5 stages, which implies increasingly serious renal damage with declined GFR and worsened clinical features.

Stage 1:

It indicates the start of CKD of slight renal insufficiency with greater than or equal to 90ml/min GFR level, which behaves as pathological changes of glomerular high filtration, glomerular hypertrophy and glomerular volume increase, etc. Transient micro-albumin may appears in urine in this period, which can be controlled with insulin.

Stage 2:

Patients with CKD in this stage suffer from asymptomatic renal damage in most cases, which shows as slight GFR decline of 60~89ml/min with glomerular basement membrane thickening, mesangial proliferation and so on. (Special survey for early detection and treatment please consult live doctor.)

Stage 3:

It is regretful to inform that most patients are diagnosed with stage 3 CKD as soon as they are detected because of various symptoms and complications start to appear. Patients in this period suffer from medium GFR decline of 30~59ml/min. Under this circumstance, patients can still be reversed with timely and effective treatment, in the contrary, the condition will rapidly worsen and turn out to be irreparable advanced Kidney Disease. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can systemically solve this problem.

Stage 4:

CKD stage 4 reflects significant GFR decline of 15~29ml/min, which behaves as systemic damage of multiple organs and systems. It is worth noting that patients will unavoidably receive dialysis or kidney transplant if the condition is repeatedly delayed.

Stage 5:

End Stage Renal Disease. Patients in this stage is whenever life-threatening, which is pressed for replacement therapies. However, they can take measures to extend life expectancy as well as promote their living quality.

The content above is the basic information of stages of CKD. Actually, natural treatments are able to reverse Kidney Disease in early stages fundamentally while prolong life span of advanced patients efficiently and sufficiently. If you want to know more about natural treatments with TCM, please leave a message below or talk to our online service for free.

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