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Chronic Kidney Disease

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The Causes Of Decreased Glomerular Filtration Rate

The Causes Of Decreased Glomerular Filtration RateGlomerular filtration rate (GFR) is an indicator of kidney function. The lower GFR is, the lower kidney function is. Well then what are the causes of decreased GFR.

Normally GFR decreases with age. That is to say, older people have lower GFR. Here we want to say low GFR is not caused by age but serious medical condition. As we mentioned above, GFR is used to measure how well kidneys are working. With low GFR, it indicates that kidneys are nut functioning quite well due to kidney damage. What causes kidney damage and low GFR?

1. Diabetes

Statistics show that diabetes accounts for almost 44 percent of new cases of kidney failure. In diabetes, the body can not produce enough insulin or use insulin properly. Diabetes can lead to high blood sugar levels, which can damage the blood vessels and contribute to declined kidney function.

2. High blood pressure

Just like diabetes, high blood pressure is another leading factor of kidney damage. When someone has high blood pressure, the heart has to work harder to pump blood throughout the body. This can damage blood vessels. If the kidney blood vessels are damaged, the ability of kidneys to remove toxins and fluid from the body decreases. The fluid retention can cause blood pressure to increase, causing a cycle of kidney damage and hypertension.

3. Chemical injury

Kidneys perform to filter wastes from the blood. However, when someone ingest high amounts of toxins, it will workload kidneys and the blood vessels may become damaged.

4. Too much protein intake

One research studies that excess protein intake can lead to decreased kidney function. A low protein diet may be necessary to prevent further kidney damage.

5. Inflammation

Allergic reactions to antibiotics, immune system disorder like lupus can lead to inflammation within your kidneys.

6. Infections

Bacterial infections may cause low kidney functions that can develop into kidney failure if left untreated.

Many factors can cause kidney damage and then low glomerular filtration rate. To improve GFR, the best treatment should be systematic and comprehensive which can not only treat the primary cause but also repair the damaged kidney cells. Different patients need various treatment plans. If you find your personalized treatment plan, you should consult our experts or write to with your lab reports. We will give you an individualized plan according to your medical conditions.

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