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Chronic Kidney Disease

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Will Kidney Disease Cause Decrease of Hemoglobin Level

Will Kidney Disease Cause Decrease of Hemoglobin LevelWill kidney disease cause decrease of hemoglobin level? If you are a kidney disease sufferer, you will face so many health illness like elevated serum creatinine level, high BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) level, too much protein in urine and so on. Also, you may find your hemoglobin level becomes low as well. Why is this?

Will kidney disease cause decrease of hemoglobin level?

As for this question, I am afraid the answer is “Yes”. Hemoglobin is a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen and it is the main functional constituent of the red blood cell. Healthy kidneys are able to secrete a hormone named EPO (erythropoietin) which promotes the formation of red blood cells by the bone marrow. Damaged kidneys can not function normally to secrete enough EOP, as a result of which, less red blood cells are formed. Consequently, hemoglobin level in blood decreases.

Symptoms of low hemoglobin level in kidney disease

When hemoglobin level in our blood is low, we will experience a series of physical discomforts:

General symptoms:

-Feeling of tiredness & fatigue

-Headache and dizziness

-Lack of concentration

-Irregular heartbeat

-Pale complexion, nail beds, skin and gums

Rare symptoms of low hemoglobin level include:

-Swelling in arms and legs

-Persistent heartburn

-Excessive perspiration


-Bloody stool

How to treat low hemoglobin level with kidney disease?

Usually, iron supplements and vitamin supplements are prescribed by the doctor to improve hemoglobin level. These supplements are available over-the-counter, but administration of them need to be under doctor’s direction.

Besides, these supplements are helpful in improving hemoglobin level, but they can not solve problem fundamentally. In kidney disease, we know hemoglobin level becomes lower and lower because damaged kidneys can not secrete enough EPO. In such a case, if we want to keep hemoglobin level in normal range permanently, we need to get kidney function restored. This is the best and also the only long-term solution.

As for the treatment for damaged kidney, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is highly recommended. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a herb-based treatment, in which different Chinese herbs are used to promote kidney health by rebuilding damaged kidney structure, activating kidney intrinsic cells and strengthening kidney tissues. When we take this treatment, what we need to do is lie on bed for 30-40 minutes.

Low hemoglobin level is just one of the abnormalities of impaired kidney function in kidney disease, so when we get kidney problem solved effectively, hemoglobin level goes up to normal range gradually.

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