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Chronic Kidney Disease

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Why Is There Swelling with CKD Stage 4

why is there swelling with CKD stage 4

Swelling is the abnormal fluid retention and it may indicate serious health issues. In medicine, swelling can be caused by many conditions and CKD ( Chronic Kidney Disease) is just one of the causes. In cases of CKD stage 4, swelling might become very serious, which affect our body image severely. Well, why is there swelling with CKD stage 4?

Causes of swelling in CKD stage 4

Chronic Kidney Disease is marked by progressive loose of kidney function. Our kidneys play multiple way in our body. They not only cleanse blood, produce urine, but also regulate blood pressure, maintain electrolyte balance and secrete hormone. In CKD stage 4, kidneys have been severely damaged, under such a condition:

1. Kidneys are no longer able to produce urine properly. As a result, fluid that should be removed build up in the body, leading to fluid retention.

2. Kidneys can not maintain electrolyte balance well. Sodium is an important trace element in our body, which can be eliminated from our body when there is too much of it. However, in CKD stage 4, kidneys can not do this job well, as a result of which, too much sodium stay in the blood. High sodium content promotes water retention.

Treatment for swelling in CKD stage 4

Swelling firstly appears in eyelid, face, ankles, limbs and testis in male. If no treatment is given, it will spread to the whole body. In CKD stage 4, treatment for swelling contain the following several measures:

1. Fluid limitation: This is to avoid aggravation of swelling, Usually, daily fluid intake=urine output+500ml.

2. Diuretic: This is the most commonly used medicine for swelling in CKD stage 4. It is very helpful, but which kind of diuretic to use is based on specific illness condition. The misuse of diuretic may cause further health issues, so please take medicines under doctor’s direction.

3. Improvement of kidney function: We know fluid that should be removed build up in the body because of damaged kidney structure and impaired kidney function. Therefore, if we want to get this problem cured permanently, we must improve kidney function. In this way, not only swelling can be removed, other problems like high creatinine level, proteinuria and high blood urea nitrogen also can be solved at the same time.

CKD stage 4 is a very critical stage, as it is a very serious illness condition, but not severe enough to put sufferers on dialysis. In such a case, a right treatment choice will take us away from dialysis and various terrible symptoms like swelling. However, if we take no or wrong treatment, dialysis or kidney transplant will be needed in near future.

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