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Chronic Kidney Disease

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How Bad Is It When Only 22% Kidney Function Is Left

how bad is it when only 22% kidney function is leftIt is necessary to protect our kidneys from being damaged, because kidneys play irreplaceable role for our normal life activity. Well, how bad is it when only 22% kidney function is left?

It is a very crucial condition when only 22% kidney function is left, because if illness progression can be stopped at that time, dialysis and kidney transplant will be successfully avoided. However, if no treatment is given or we take wrong treatment, kidneys will finally fail completely. Well, what treatment should we take with 22% kidney function, so that we can avoid illness progression?

As a matter of fact, we can live normally with only one kidney, which means a healthy kidney is effective enough to help us maintain the normal life activity. For one with two kidneys, when about a half of his kidney function is impaired, he can still live as normally as he did before. And at that time, he may has no symptoms at all. However, when only 22% kidney function is left, a series of physical discomforts appear.

Kidneys function through different kind of kidney intrinsic cells which play different role while kidneys are functioning. When they are damaged and can not work normally, kidney function declines. In a damaged kidney, there are mainly three parts of kidney intrinsic cells:

1. Healthy kidney intrinsic cells

Kidneys shut down completely when these healthy kidney cells are damaged and can not work well.

2. Injured kidney intrinsic cells

Injured cells can not work as well as they did before, but they are still alive. Just like cells in our hand, kidney intrinsic cells also have a certain self-curative ability, which means they are get recovery by themselves if they are damaged mildly. However, if the damage is out of their self-curative ability, they will finally be necrotic.

3. Necrotic kidney intrinsic cells

Necrotic kidney intrinsic cells are dead cells. For these cells, there is nothing we can do.

For one who has only 22% kidney function, his kidney function can be improved by repairing some injured kidney intrinsic cells, but there is no complete cure in such a case, because the dead kidney intrinsic cells can not be brought back to life anymore.

In a word, there is chance to improve life expectancy even if only 22% kidney function is left, but the precondition is we must take the right treatment to repair injured kidney intrinsic cells. If we take wrong treatment and just take some medicines to control symptoms, the rest 22% kidney function will finally be lost. At that time, dialysis and kidney transplant are the only two options.

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