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Chronic Kidney Disease

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What Is the Treatment to Stop Progress of Stage 4 Kidney Disease

What Is the Treatment to Stop Progress of Stage 4 Kidney DiseaseIf no treatment is given to stage 4 kidney disease or patients take wrong treatment, illness will progress to stage 5 which requires dialysis or kidney transplant to support life. Well, what is the right treatment to stop progress of stage 4 kidney, so as to avoid dialysis and kidney transplant?

To stop progress of stage 4 kidney disease, the following several aspects must be included in the treatment:

1. Tight control of primary illness

If kidney problem is secondary to other illness like Diabetes, Hypertension, and Lupus, tight control of primary illness is very important, as this can help prevent further harm on kidney.

2. Treatment for symptoms

We can not stop stage 4 kidney disease from progressing to next stage just by treating its symptoms, but illness progression can be slowed down if we bring all the symptoms under control. Additional, this improves life quality.

3. Protect residual kidney tissues

In stage 4 kidney disease, most of the kidney tissues have been damaged and can not work well. To maintain the normal life activity, residual kidney tissues have to bear heavy burden. Long-term high workload is very harmful for them and may cause them to be damaged. Under such a circumstance, we need to strengthen residual kidney tissues and protect them from being damaged.

4. Repair injured kidney tissues

When kidney tissues are damaged, they will lose some of their working ability, but as long as they are alive, there is way to repair them. However, for the dead one, there is nothing we can do. In stage 4 kidney disease, by repairing injured kidney tissues, there is chance to reverse illness to stage 3.

5. Arrange a kidney-friendly diet

Diet also plays a very important part in the treatment for stage 4 kidney disease, because improper diet accelerates illness progression. Exact diet plan is based on specific condition. As for this point, you can consult our online doctor for details.

Stage 4 kidney disease is a severe condition, but not severe enough to start dialysis and kidney transplant. In such a case, with timely and effective treatment, there is chance to stop progress of stage 4 kidney disease and avoid end stage kidney failure.

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