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Chronic Kidney Disease

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Natural Herbal Treatment for Kidney Disease Stage 3

Natural Herbal Treatment for Kidney Disease Stage 3As a kidney disease stage 3 patient, you might be prescribed with lots of steroid tablets to deal with your condition. If you are reluctant to take these steroid tablets and want to have a try about alternative treatment, the natural herbal treatment we are going to introduce below will be good choice for you.

What is the natural herbal treatment for kidney disease stage 3

Although you might experience no symptoms with kidney disease stage 3, you should attach enough attention on it, because it may run to end stage in short time. In China, a natural herbal treatment, which is called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, is commonly used to stop further damage on kidney, so as to tightly control kidney disease stage 3 and stop its further progression.

Typical benefits of this natural herbal treatment on kidney disease stage 3

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has four typical benefits on kidney disease stage 3:

1. Anti-inflammation

This natural herbal treatment can clear inflammatory mediator and greatly inhibit inflammation, which is very protective for kidney function. In many cases, kidney tissues are damaged due to persistent abnormal inflammation, by playing anti-inflammation function, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can preserve residual kidney function.

2. Anti-coagulation

In kidney disease stage 3, kidneys fail to filter blood effectively, which lead to buildup of toxins in blood. This increases risk for blood clotting as well as some other blood circulation problems. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has anti-coagulation function, which helps to prevent these problems successfully.

3. Dilation of blood vessels

By dilating blood vessels, this natural herbal treatment can guarantee good blood circulation in kidney. Also, it alleviates renal ischemia and renal anoxia, which are very harmful for kidney. This property can increase self-recovery ability of kidney, which is very helpful in reversing kidney disease stage 3.

4. Degradation of extracellular matrix

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can degrade extracellular matrix, so as to make sure the normal functioning of healthy kidney tissues.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an alternative to steroid treatment. If you are tired of taking oral drugs everyday, you can try this natural herbal treatment and also please do not worry about any potential side effects, because all the herbs are used externally in this treatment, not orally.

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