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Chronic Kidney Failure

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What Diet is Good for Patients with Kidney Failure

What Diet is Good for Patients with Kidney FailurePatients with Kidney Failure please draw attention: do you know that there are certain foods which are inappropriate for your current condition? While feast on dainties, it is necessary for you to know the factors in Diet.

Kidney Failure is long-term renal damage with partial or entire loss of renal function, which gradually worsens with time and diseased course. Patients who suffer from it behave as varying clinical features attribute to distinct diseased condition and physical fitness of individuals. While medicable diet is beneficial for their recover.

1.Keep water balance:

Water content plays a crucial role in daily functional operation of human body, which should be supplied modestly according to the content of output. The amount of water should be strictly controlled with the guidance of doctors in case of excessive intake, which worsens edema.

2.Supply high-quality protein:

Patients with End Stage Kidney Failure need at least 0.5g of protein per kilogram of body weight everyday, only by take in more than 50% of high-quality protein can patients maintain various physiological function of human body. It is suitable for patients to intake 0.6g of protein per kilogram of body weight everyday when they are in early/min to medium period of renal damage. (GFR>25dl/min)

3.Low sodium salt:

Patients with Chronic Kidney Failure who are accompanied by hypertension and edema should strictly control diet with high content of sodium salt while eat low-salt diet or salt-free diet. On the contrary, salt should be properly supplemented when vomit or diarrhea exist with the usage of diuretic.

4.Vitamin supplement:

Vitamin agent is needed in some cases to compensate human metabolism of patients in case of malnutrition.

What are beneficial factors of diet which are good for patients with Kidney Failure? As a matter of fact, patients are promising to be treated to a certain degree as long as they take medicable treatment as well as appropriate food. If you want to know more detailed answers, please leave a message below or consult our live doctor for free.

It is well-known that medication is crucial for patients with Chronic Kidney Failure while plenty of them may neglect necessary adjuvant therapies in daily life. Then what are essential Home Remedies?

Through it seems there is little immediate impact for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease to make a difference through scientific diet structures, appropriate exercise and good compliance, which, however, are beneficial means to slow down the progression to wards further deterioration. The follow-up content are specific factors of home remedies which does help to a certain extent.

1.Patients with chronic Kidney Failure should be payed more attention to external physical stimulation such as lamplight, noise, voice, wind, stuffiness and severe cold.

2.Try as much as possible to avoid high radio, TV and player in order to protect patients from noise. Besides, long-time conversation is inappropriate, which may cause anxiety and disturbance. Cotton can be applied to plug the ears when the condition above exists.

3.Indoor temperature is suggested to keep mainly unchanged with 18~22℃ in winter while 19~25℃ in summer without dampness.

4.Warm appliances should be used with security measures.

5.Air-conditioning room should be strictly avoided together with electric fan and cool air. Bed sheet is needed when sleeping at night.

6.Special diet plays a role as crucial home remedy, which is recommended to patients with distinct diseased causes, regions and degrees. (Personalized diet recipe can be suggested from our live doctor.)

7.Suitable entertainment is available, for example, reading books, listening to the music and playing electronic toy. Moreover, works in their power are allowed when their condition improves relatively.

As a matter of fact, it is insufficient to take medication from hospital only. Home remedies are medicable methods to relieve clinical features, thus laying the foundation of diseased treatment. If you want to know more about natural therapies of Chronic Kidney Failure, please leave a message below or send us an E-mail to

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