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Chronic Kidney Failure

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What are the Symptoms of Kidney Failure

What are the Symptoms of Kidney FailureWhat are the symptoms of kidney failure? This is a common question for people with kidney failure. When people know their symptoms well, they can have prompt and effective treatment to control their illness and slow down the progression of kidney failure. In this article, we will introduce the common symptoms for kidney failure patients.

Kidney failure is a common kidney disease with the kidney function gradually decreased, and people with kidney failure may have no obvious symptoms in their early time. However, with the gradually decreased kidney function, people will gradually suffer from some serious symptoms, which can affect their life quality.

1. Metabolic acidosis

The reduced kidney function will cause increased acidity of body, which will alter enzyme and oxygen metabolism, causing organ failure.

2. High potassium level

Healthy kidneys can help excrete the excess potassium in blood. When the kidney function is reduced, it will cause high potassium level in blood, and high potassium level can cause irregular heart beat or even cause serious heart problems.

3. Raising urea level

The kidney failure can also cause raising urea levels in blood, which can affect the function of variety of organs, such as brain problem, inflammation of the heart lining and decreased muscle function.

4. Anemia

Anemia is another symptom for kidney failure patients, which is also caused by decreased kidney function. Since the kidneys are damaged, they will lose the function to produce enough EPO to increase the red blood cells, thus will cause anemia for kidney failure patients. And anemia will make people easily weakness and fatigue.

Besides, since kidneys lose their functions of filtering wastes and toxins in blood, this will cause harmful substance build up in blood, and this will make people sick. They kidney failure patients will suffer from some serious symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, skin itching, etc.

All these symptoms will affect the life quality of kidney failure patients, so prompt and effective treatments are important for them, which can help slow down the progression of end stage kidney failure and make a good prognosis for them.

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