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patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

Chronic Kidney Failure

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  • Basics
  • Symptoms
  • Complications
  • Diet
  • Healthy living
  • Treatment

Chronic kidney failure Basics

Chronic kidney failure is a kidney disorder in which kidneys fail to function progressively.Knowing the basics about chronic kidney failure can help manage the condition better.

Chronic kidney failure causes

There is a variety of causes of chronic kidney failure.Diabetes is the most common cause of chronic kidney failure and is followed by high blood pressure.Other common causes of chronic kidney failure include genetic kidney disorder,systemic disease, injury etc.

Chronic kidney failure symptoms

In chronic kidney failure,as the kidneys fail progressively,the patients will experience an array of symptoms.Common symptoms of chronic kidney failure include swelling,foamy urine, high blood pressure.In serious case,fatigue,nausea and vomiting, dizziness may show up.

How to prevent chronic kidney failure?

The best way to prevent chronic kidney failure is to prevent CKD.For people at risk of developing CKD,it is important for them to keep the risk factors under control.Diabetes and high blood pressure are the two leading causes of CKD.If these two conditions be managed well,it can reduce the incidence of CKD greatly.Additionally,the following healthy tips can reduce the risk of developing CKD:

*Develop a healthy lifestyle like quiting smoking

*Take proper exercise each day

*Keep a balanced diet

*Have regular checkups with your doctor

If you want to get some personalized tips to prevent chronic kidney failure in your case,you can email to

How is the prognosis of chronic kidney failure?

The prognosis of chronic kidney failure varies from individual to individual as it is affected by variables including its complications,underlying causes of kidney damage and the treatment to choose.

High blood pressure and proteinuria are two significant accelerators in worsening renal function.The prognosis varies in different types of pathological category.Conservative treatments only can control the symptoms of chronic kidney failure,but can not stop renal function decline.To improve the prognosis of chronic kidney failure, the key treatment goal is to restore the impaired kidney structure and enhance renal function.

Treatment options for chronic kidney failure

Conservative treatments for chronic kidney failure include prescribed treatment and drugs to control symptoms.Dialysis and kidney transplant will be prescribed when kidneys fail to function adequately.However,dialysis has no significance in treating chronic kidney failure.As for transplant,it is difficult to get a matched kidney donor.Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can restore the impaired kidney tissues and improve renal function remarkably. If so, the replacement treatments will be not necessary.

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Chronic kidney failure is a syndrome with symptoms in the whole body and develops gradually.Without timely and efficiently treatment,chronic kidney failure patients with only 15% kidney function need to accept kidney transplant and dialysis which have many complications after the surgery.Therefore let’s learn some knowledge about chronic kidney failure symptoms and detect disease as early as possible.

As we all know.the symptoms occur in the whole body.They include:

1.Digestive system

The earliest and most common symptoms occur in digestive system.They are as follows:

Anorexia(many chronic kidney failure sufferers don’t like to have too much food).

Nausea,Vomiting,Abdominal Distension.

Dental ulcer

Chronic kidney failure has ammoniacal feeling in the mouth

Upper gastrointestinal bleeds.

2.Blood system

Anemia.Anemia is definitely symptoms for chronic kidney failure sufferers.The degree of anemia is parallel to the degree of chronic kidney failure. The decreased production of EPO is the main reason.

Decreasing white blood cells.White blood cells have the function of fighting against bacteria.Under the protection of white blood cells,chronic kidney failure patients can avoid infections.Because infections aggravate kidney disease,dialysis is needed to keep white blood cells.

The occurrence of bleeding.Skin or mucous membrane becomes to bleed related with blood platelet.Toxins is also another possible reason.But all of above can be solved by dialysis.

3.Cardiovascular system

The diseases on cardiovascular system are the most common cause for death.

High blood pressure.Most patients have high blood pressure in different degrees.

Heart failure.It makes patients lose their life within a minute.

4.Skin symptoms

Itching feelings in the skin

5.Nervous symptoms



Absent minded


6.Respiratory system

When acidosis occurs,breath is long and deep.

There are also some symptoms in other systems such as endocrinium system,muscular system.We are sorry to tell you all of them.If you are a chronic kidney failure sufferers,best treatments are needed.We have many famous treatments based on Chinese medicines such as Micro-Chinese medicines.Want to know more by emailing to

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Chronic Kidney Failure means losing kidney function gradually.As chronic kidney failure develops,many complications occur.Many complications not only give a heavy burden on kidney but also threaten suffer’s life.Therefore basic knowledge about chronic kidney failure complications needs to learned in order to detect them early.

The complications are as follows:

High blood pressure

As chronic kidney failure progresses,kidney as a filter works inefficiency.Therefore,too much wastes and toxins build up in our blood day by day,The speed of blood circulation becomes slow.So the blood flowing into kidney becomes less.Kidney receive this message so that renin is produced to adjust blood pressure so that more blood can enter into kidney.To be honest,though renin makes blood pressure high,it doesn’t matter to relieve this symptoms.On the contrary,as blood pressure is elevated higher,kidney is short of more and more blood and oxygen.With consistent high blood pressure,it many leads to hear disease which can take suffer’s life within a minute.


Kidney provides EPO to produce more blood so as to keep blood circulation.As chronic kidney disease develops,the blood system which has the function of produce blood are severe damaged.Under normal circumstances,kidney relieves this condition by providing EPO.For now,kidney has difficulty in producing EPO.Therefore,kidney conditions deteriorate because of short of blood.Anemia influences any organs in our body.sufferers become weakness.Due to lower immunity,bacteria invades our body easily and causes infections.Infections are also factors to make kidney disease worse.

Liver diseases

As blood are polluted,less oxygen are contained in them.As time passes by,liver diseases occurs because it is short of oxygen.Therefore a lots of liver disease symptoms follow thus making suffers live a unhappy life.

Stomach diseases

As too much wastes in the body, chronic kidney failure sufferers have a poor appetite.So stomach diseases follows.

If you have many complications,your doctors give you lots of pills which also make kidney in worse conditions.Wants to know more about avoiding complications by emailing to

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Apart from effective and timely treatments,diet plays an important role in slowing the progression of Chronic Kidney Failure.With the early detection of Chronic Kidney Failure and proper diet principles,patients live a long life expectancy.

There are some diet principles for Chronic Kidney Failure patients.They include:

Intake high quality protein

As we all know,protein is a supplier of our energy and immune protein.Intake too much and your kidney will suffer from heavy burden.The reason is that protein produces metabolic wastes called urea nitrogen which are removed out of the body by kidney.On the contrary,if we have less protein,insufficient energy will be provided thus leading to weakness.However,patients have high quality protein thus leading to less metabolic wastes,what’s more,kidney is protected successfully and Chronic Kidney Failure develops more slowly than before.Fish,milk,eggs,meat are the best food to be recommended while beans are better to be avoided.

Intake salt properly

When Chronic Kidney Failure develops,too much salt builds up in our body leading to edema and high blood pressure. 5g everyday is better for Chronic Kidney Failure sufferers.Why does having too much salt lead to edema and high blood pressure?The reasons are as follows.GFR decreases gradually,therefore renal tubular absorbs more sodium.With too much sodium out of cells,edema will be followed.Meanwhile,long-term water-sodium retention will lead to high blood pressure without doubt.Because kidney plays an important role in adjusting blood pressure.So intake salt properly and symptoms will be relieved eventually.Therefore,Processed food and pickles are forbidden for Chronic Kidney Failure sufferers.

Intake fat properly

Chronic Kidney Failure always have hyperlipemia which causes further kidney damage and aggravates the deterioration of kidney condition.So the lists of food are limited to intake.They includes:sea food,viscera and fat meat.

Compensatory microelement

As too much useful materials are removed out of body,it is necessary to have some food such as fruit,vegetables and sea food to make a supply.

If you are interested in diet principles and wants to more guidance,email to

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Healthy living

Having a good healthy living lifestyle is helpful for controlling the progression of Chronic Kidney Failure and relieving Chronic Kidney Failure symptoms.Otherwise,when End-Stage renal disease comes to you,kidney transplant or dialysis is your only choice.Here are some healthy living tips for Chronic Kidney Failure.Although treatment plays a more important role in treating Chronic Kidney Failure,healthy living should not be ignored.Healthy living tips includes:

Keep a good mood

It is very important for Chronic Kidney Failure sufferer to keep a good mood.Keeping a good mood means to enhance immunity.With enhanced immunity,chronic kidney sufferers have weapons to fight against infections thus avoiding them.Therefore kidney function can be protected and the progression of chronic kidney failure slows down.One point should be told,Keep your mood consistently and high blood pressure keeps away from you.

Do some exercises

Choose suitable exercises and you’ll improve immunity.What’s more,as we do some exercises,more oxygen and more blood are provided thus adjusting blood circulation.Therefore kidney with enough oxygen and blood can be repaired under the treatment of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.Moreover many complications stay away from sufferers.

Fat limitation

High blood pressure will be caused with too much fat built up in our body.If too much fat in our blood,blood has less oxygen and circulates slowly,moreover,kidney begin to short of oxygen and blood,which decreases kidney function rapidly and speeds up the progression of kidney disease.

Keep away from smoking

If you are addicted to smoking,your have higher risk of getting complications and aggravating kidney conditions.What’more,when you smokes,many toxins enter into your body easily so kidney as a filter needs to remove them out of body.The burden on kidney is so heavy thus making kidney conditions worse.

If you are a chronic kidney failure sufferers and searching for best treatment on controlling kidney disease,email to with your conditions and get some help.

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Chronic Kidney Failure Treatment

Chronic kidney failure is a disorder in which the kidneys fail to function adequately.The patients have to seek for effective treatments to control the condition and help them return to high-quality life.Treatment options for chronic kidney failure mainly include:


Dialysis is the first-line treatment for people with chronic kidney failure in conservative treatments.It can take over a partial renal function to eliminate small molecular and middle-molecular waste products and toxins from blood.If the patients are accustomed to dialysis,they can live a fulfilling life. However,the remaining toxins in body can do more harm to kidneys.Dialysis has no significance in improving renal function.

Kidney transplant

Kidney transplant is a treatment in which the diseased kidneys are replaced with healthy kidneys.If the transplant is done successfully, the patients can recover normal renal function and return to normal life. However, it is very difficult to get a matched kidney donor and some patients may die before a kidney donor becomes available. Even if the transplant is done successfully, the patients have to depend on high dose of immunosuppressive agents. Long-term use of immunosuppressive agents can increase the risk of developing cancer, Diabetes and other diseases significantly.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a natural remedy for chronic kidney failure based on traditional Chinese herbal medicine.It has the functions of anti-inflammation,dilating blood vessels and degrading ECM and immune complexes. On one hand, it can clear up the waste products from body to create a favorable internal environment. On the other hand, it can stimulate the regeneration of kidney tissues and cells by providing certain nutrients to the impaired kidneys. If the kidneys can function better, no replacement treatments will be required.


Immunotherapy is an integrated therapy of Chinese medicine and western medicine. It aims at treating chronic kidney failure by restoring impaired kidney structure and eliminating the harmful substances in body completely as well as controlling the underlying cause of kidney damage--immune dysfunction.

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