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Is Dialysis Needed When Creatinine Level Is 6.8

Is Dialysis Needed When Creatinine Level Is 6.8

Though no one wants to do dialysis, it is a very effective way to get high creatinine level lowered down. By reducing high creatinine level, we can avoid lots of unnecessary physical discomforts and health issues, so timely dialysis is needed in some cases. Well, is dialysis needed when creatinine level is 6.8?

How does dialysis help to reduce high creatinine level?

Dialysis is the medical procedure to filter blood outside the body with a medical machine and then cleaned blood is transfused back to the body. Creatinine is a waste product from the normal breakdown of muscle tissues. Normally, they circulate with blood and while flowing through kidney, they pass through kidney freely and get out of the body with urine. When kidneys are damaged and can not filter blood, creatinine can not get out of the body, as a result, serum creatinine level becomes higher. Dialysis works through a semipermeable membrane which allows a certain substance to get through. Creatinine is the waste with small molecular weight, so it can pass trough this membrane freely. While blood flows though dialysis machine, creatinine is separated from clean blood, so as to achieve the goal of cleaning blood.

Is dialysis needed when creatinine level is 6.8

Creatinine level 6.8 is a very high level, which means there are lots of wastes in the blood. Dialysis is suggested in such a condition, but it does not mean one must to do dialysis when serum creatinine level is as high as 6.8.

In general, dialysis is needed when patients suffer from the following problems:

-Severe nausea, vomiting and skin itching

-Pulmonary edema and hydropericardium

-Heart problems like heart failure

-High blood sugar

Lastly, dialysis is an effective way to reduce high creatinine level 6.8, but in some cases, serum creatinine still keeps being high after dialysis. Under such a condition, alternative treatment is needed. Additional, for these who refuse to do dialysis but still have a certain healthy kidney function, they can also choose alternative treatment to improve their kidney function. In this way, not only high creatininie level can be reduced down to a good level, many physical discomforts caused by kidney problem can be eliminated successfully.

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