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How to Reduce High Creatinine Level with Diet

How to Reduce High Creatinine Level with Diet

So many kidney disease patients research how to reduce high creatinine level in blood with diet on the internet. That is true, a proper diet plan helps to deal with high creatinine level, but unfortunately, high creatinine level caused by kidney disease can not be controlled in normal range only with diet.

Since high creatinine level can not be reduced with diet, why do we need to make diet changes?

Healthy kidneys filter blood and remove wastes out of the body at the same time. When kidneys are damaged, they can not function well and under such a condition, creatinine build up in blood, leading to high serum creatinine level. Therefore, in medicine, high creatinine level in blood is an indicator of kidney problem.

Diet plays an important part in the treatment for high creatinine level, not because a well-planed diet can reduce high creatinine level in blood, because improper diet will further damage kidney, which may cause further elevation of serum creatinine level. That is why high creatinine level patients are always asked to make diet changes.

What is the best diet plan for high creatinine level?

Exact diet plan is made based on specific illness condition, so it may be various from case to case, but mostly, it follow these principles:

-low salt diet

Low-salt diet is always recommended no matter how high the creatinine level is, and this is because high-salt diet is very harmful for kidney. Salt is rich in sodium and high sodium intake not only elevates blood pressure, but also triggers swelling.

-limit protein intake

Protein intake should be limited when creatinine level becomes high, because high creatinine level is always accompanied with proteinuria which might be aggravated when one ingests too much protein at one time. How much protein is needed by a sufferer is determined according to the severity of kidney damage, so it differs from case to case.

-low-potassium intake

Potassium plays an important role of our health, but high potassium level in blood is vary harmful and it may damage our heart, causing life-threatening heart problems. People are easily to have elevated potassium level when kidneys are damaged, so low-potassium diet is necessary and this need patients to stay far away from high potassium foods.

-high calcium diet

Foods high in calcium are recommended and this helps to reduce risk for bone problems like bone pain, bone fracture and osteoporosis.

-fluid limitation

If there is welling, fluid limitation is also necessary and generally, fluid intake in a day should be yesterday’s urine output+500ml.

Here we just mentioned several dietary principles that high creatinine level patients should know. If you still have any questions or want to learn more details, please email to or leave your contact information to us. Our nephrologist will contact you as soon as possible to offer help.

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