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Can One Be Saved from Creatinine Level 8.8 Without Dialysis

Can One Be Saved from Creatinine Level 8.8 Without DialysisNormally, serum creatinine level fluctuates in the range of 0.5-1.3mg/dL or 44-133umol/L. Creatinine level 8.8 is much higher than the reference value which usually requires patients to do dialysis, so as to make sure the safety of other internal organs. Well, is dialysis the only option in such a case? Can one be saved from creatinine 8.8 without dialysis?

Dialysis is not the only treatment choice for creatinine level 8.8

Dialysis is required when serum creatinine level goes up to the level of 8.8 not because it is the only way, but because it is the quickest way and also the most commonly used way.

Normally, our blood is filtered by kidney and during this process, wastes as well as unwanted fluid are removed out of the body as urine. Dialysis is the medical procedure to cleanse blood outside the body with a machine. It can do part of the job of our kidneys, so it is also called artificial kidney in some areas. Dialysis is very effective in removing small molecular substances like creatinine and urea nitrogen from blood, so creatinine level 8.8 can be reduced after dialysis. But the problem is dialysis can not eliminate medium molecular substances and macromolecular Substances. Also, it can not replace damaged kidney to secrete necessary hormone, so dialysis can not completely replace kidney. What is worse, dialysis always causes many terrible side effects and survival rate of dialysis patients decreases over time.

Alternative treatment option for creatinine level 8.8 without dialysis

For patients who have no severe complications like heart failure and pulmonary edema, they can avoid dialysis through Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is an innovation of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). This treatment is based on Chinese herbs, but to avoid stimulating gastrointestinal tract, all the herbs are used externally on Shen Shu acupoint, not orally. Effective ingredients in herbs get to nidus through meridian. They repair damaged kidney structure and strengthen kidney tissues. With the help of them, most of the kidney function can be restored. We know creatinine level goes up because of impaired kidney function, so as long as kidney function is restored, creatinine level decreases.

Creatinine level 8.8 is a very dangerous level and effective treatment should be given as early as possible to prevent further health issues. Dialysis is a way in such a case, but not the only way. If you want to learn more about the alternative treatment, please leave us message directly.

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