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How Is High Creatinine Level Linked to Kidney Disease

how is high creatinine level linked to kidney disease

High creatinine level and kidney disease always go hand in hand. Why? How is high creatinine level linked to kidney disease?

Some people believe they have kidney problem due to their high creatinine level in blood. Actually, this is a totally wrong idea. One is suspected to have kidney disease when test report shows high creatinine level, because serum creatinine level is an indicator of kidney function.

Impaired kidney function leads to elevation of serum creatinine level

Creatinine level in blood is related with kidney condition, because kidneys are in charge of removing excess creatinine out of the body. Creatinine is a waste with small molerular weight, which make it pass through kidney freely. While flowing through kidney with blood, creatinine, unwanted fluid and other wastes get out of the body and this is what we call urine. However, when kidneys are damaged, only a small amount of blood is able to pass through kidney. Under such a condition, excess creatinine in blood can not be cleared away timely, leading to high creatinine level.

Reduce high creatinine level by strengthening kidney

In many cases of kidney disease, getting high creatinine level down is regarded as the final goal by patients. As we have mentioned above, creatinine build up in blood because of impaired kidney function. Thus, if we want to get the level reduced, we need to firstly strengthen kidney.

Kidney works through different kidney intrinsic cells which play different role while kidney function. When they are damaged, kidneys can not work normally, which presents as low kidney function, various physical discomforts and abnormal test results. Under such a condition, if we can get injured kidney intrinsic cells repaired successfully, kidney function will go back to normal. At that time, excess creatinine level will be removed timely.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Omsotherapy is a very effective herbal treatment which can repair injured kidney intrinsic cells. This treatment has function of anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, dilation of blood vessels and degradation of extracellular matrix. Under the effect of these function, self-curative ability of kidney intrinsic cells can be increased greatly. In this way, kidney function is improved.

This herbal treatment is very effective and meanwhile harmless, so as of now it is the best treatment option for high creatinine level caused by kidney disease.

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