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How Can You Lower Your Creatinine Level to Avoid Dialysis

how can you lower your creatinine level to avoid dialysis

If you have increasing serum creatinine level, you might be asked to learn about dialysis in advance, because as of now dialysis is the quickest way to reduce creatinine in blood. However, even though, I am sure you are reluctant to start dialysis, because it such an ordeal. Well, how can you lower your creatinine to avoid dialysis?

It is quite for you to control your serum creatinine in a good level and thus achieve the purpose of avoiding dialysis. Creatinine is just one of the metabolic wastes in our body. It is a substance with small molecular weight and can pass through kidney freely. Therefore, as long as our kidneys are able to filter blood as much as they did before in limited time, serum creatinine level can be kept in a good level.

In cases of kidney failure, creatinine level keeps increasing because damaged kidneys can not filter blood as well as they did before. Under such a condition, as long as we improve renal filtration function, high creatinine level can be reduced and also dialysis can be avoided successfully.

Currently, many people with high creatinine level are treated with hypotensive drugs, diuretics and immunosuppressive agents. These medicines are just applied to deal with symptoms like high blood pressure and swelling which are caused by kidney disease, and they can not repair kidney damages to improve kidney function. As for the treatment, that is able to improve renal filtration function, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a very good option. This treatment is based on Chinese herbs, but all the herbs are used externally, not orally. Therefore, no side effects are caused during the whole treatment process.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy treats kidney damage by increasing bloodstream in kidney, improving renal blood circulation, repairing injured kidney intrinsic cells, alleviating renal ischemia and renal anoxia. With these effect, illness can be reversed to a better condition. When kidneys work better, some creatinine can be removed timely and consequently, high creatinine level decreases. We know dialysis is required to cleanse blood, and when creatinine level decreases to a good level, dialysis is not needed any more.

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