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patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

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Can High Creatinine Level Be Reduced By Drinking Lots of Water

Can High Creatinine Leel Be Reduced By Drinking Lots of WaterWe might be asked to drink much more water with test result of high creatinine level in blood, so does it mean high creatinine level can be reduced by drinking lots of water? Actually no. Elevated creatinine level is a result of kidney damage and if we want to reduce it, treatment for damaged kidney is imperative.

Healthy kidneys are able to clear creatinine away from our body through urine. When kidneys are damaged, they can not do this job, as a result of which, creatinine build up in blood, leading to high serum creatinine level. In very initial stage, kidneys are injured mildly. Under such a condition, drinking much more water helps to clear excess creatinine away from our body. However, when illness develops to middle stage or end stage, we need to limit fluid intake, because drinking much more water will add extra burden on kidney, which accelerates illness progression. Therefore, not everyone with kidney disease can expect to reduce their creatinine level by drinking water.

As known to all, creatinine is removed by kidney, so by improving kidney function, creatinine can be eliminated timely. In this way, creatinine level can be controlled in a good level. It is not possible for one who has chronic kidney failure to get complete cure, because there is no cure in this world. But there is treatment which can restore some of kidney function. By taking this treatment, high creatinine level can be treated fundamentally.

Treatment we mentioned above is not a simple oral medicine, but a systematic Chinese herbal treatment which is composed of four Chinese therapies: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Mai Kang Mixture, Medicinal Foot Bath and Medicinal Soup. This comprehensive teratment treats damaged kidney by repairing injured renal tissues, activate kidney intrinsic cells, promote renal blood circulation, increase blood flow in kidney and nourish kidney. It is effective and harmless. Because this herbal treatment reduces high creatinine level by restoring kidney function, so with help of it, many other kidney-related problems like swelling, proteinuria and high BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) also can be resolved fundamentally.

In a word, the root cause of high creatinine level is due to impaired kidney function, so we can not get it reduced by drinking more water. If we want get permanent effect, treatment that can restore kidney function is imperative.

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