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patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

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Creatinine Level 3.5 and Dialysis

According to this title,let’s make 3 questions clear.What does creatinine level 3.5 mean?when does dialysis begin?and how to treat creatinine level 3.5?Follow our descriptions and find the answers.

What does creatinine level 3.5 mean

As we all know,creatinine is an important index to reflect the condition of kidney disease.Meanwhile,kidney disease stage are divided into 5 stages according to creatinine.1.6 for creatinine level is normal.When creatinine level becomes 3.5,you are in Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).This is a significant period for the development of kidney disease.Does this period need dialysis?

When does dialysis begin

Dialysis begin when kidney totally loses its function.Dialysis is a replacement therapy for our body to remove wastes and toxins in the size of micromolecule.In another word,when you enter into Stage 4 CKD or Stage 5 CKD,doctors will recommend you to accept dialysis.

How to treat creatinine level 3.5

With effective treatment,Stage 3 CKD will be reversed thus treating creatinine level 3.5.Kidney Therapy China has many natural therapies based on Chinese medicines.They are as follow:

Medicated Bath

With the aid of warm gas in medicines and medicinal soup, promote flow of meridians and qi and blood, make pores open and acupoints unimpeded.

The medicines for bath permeate into striae and meridians through pores and acupoints, enter into viscera along meridians, disperse lung and open orifice, warm kidney and strengthen yang. With such actions, they can restore dispersing and descending of lung as well as steaming and transforming of kidney, discharge toxic pathogen in meridians through sweat and in viscera through urine.

taking orally to detoxicate

The key to take Chinese medicine orally is to process medicines that invigorate blood and dissolve stasis, make oral capsules or medicinal soup, and take medicines orally to detoxicate phlegm stasis and damp turbidity in viscera.

If you are interested in our therapies,email to with your informations and our experts will send you back with professional guidance within 48 hours.

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