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patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

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How to Maintain Our Creatinine Level in Normal Range with Kidney Disease

How to maintain our creatinine level in normal range with kidney diseaseHow to maintain our creatinine level in normal range with kidney disease? Elevated creatinine level results from impaired kidney function. However, in many cases, patients just take symptomatic treatment to alleviate clinical manifestation. This is helpful and it seems we are getting recovery, but the truth is we can not get problem solved just by dealing with its signs. To maintain our creatinine level in normal range, we need to start from treating damaged kidney.

It is not easy to get damaged kidney repaired, if not, chronic kidney disease will not be one of the most life-threatening illness around the world. It is not easy, but it does not mean there is no way. To maintain our creatinine level in normal range, we must strengthen our kidney, which need us to:

1. Treat primary causes of kidney damage

Common causes for kidney damage include years of high blood sugar (Diabetes), high blood pressure (Hypertension) and inflammation (abnormal immune response). By treating primary causes, we can get further harm on kidney prevented fundamentally.

2. Treat all the symptoms and complications

Although we can not get fundamental recovery by treating symptoms and complications, we can slow down illness progression. Symptoms and complications that need to be treated include proteinuria, swelling, electrolyte disturbance, anemia, high blood pressure, hematuria and so on.

3. Repair injured kidney tissues

Injured kidney tissues die finally if we take no actions on them. By repairing injured kidney tissues, some kidney function can be successfully restored, which presence as reversal of illness. Treatments that can be used to repair kidney damages include Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Mai Kang Mixture, Circle Therapy, Medicinal Foot Bath and so on.

4. Avoid foods bad for kidney

Foods bad for kidney like salted foods, processed foods, fried foods and high lipid foods should be avoided. All these foods are very harmful for kidney. They may cause further decline of kidney function, thus lead to further elevation of serum creatinine level.

Serum creatinine level elevates with decline of kidney function, so if we want to maintain our creatinine level in normal range, we need to make sure good kidney function. When serum creatinine level is elevated, we can reduce it down normal range by doing as above mentioned.

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