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patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

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Will Diabetes Elevate Serum Creatinine Level

Will Diabetes Elevate Serum Creatinine LevelWill Diabetes elevate serum creatinine level? The answer is “yes”, so it is wise to tightly control Diabetes.

How does Diabetes elevate serum creatinine level?

Diabetes s a life-long disease that affects the way our body handles glucose, a kind of sugar. For one with Diabetes, his blood sugar level is always very high, because his body can not consume glucose properly. When there is high level of sugar in our body, our kidneys will work very hardly to expel these glucose through urine. That is why diabetics always have too much glucose in their urine.

Our kidneys play very important roles in our body. They not only regulate blood pressure, but also secrete hormone, maintain electrolyte disturbance, clear wastes and unwanted fluid out of the body. Creatinine is one of the wastes produced in our body, and normally it is eliminated by kidney. For people who have uncontrolled Diabetes, their kidneys are damaged easily due to long-term high workload. When kidney function is impaired due to long-term hard work, creatinine can not be eliminated timely. Consequently, serum creatinine level is elevated.

How to control elevated serum creatinine level with Diabetes?

It is necessary to have a tight control about serum creatinine level, because dialysis is required when serum creatinine level becomes very high. In general, following measures are needed when creatinine level becomes high due to years of uncontrolled Diabetes:

1. Tight control of blood sugar

If we want to stop further elevation of serum creatinine level, we need to control blood sugar in normal range. Insulin injection or hypoglycemic drugs like metformin are helpful.

2. Tight control of high blood pressure and proteinuria

When kidneys are damaged by Diabetes, high blood pressure and proteinuria, say albumin in urine, occur. Although these problems are resulted from impaired kidney function, if not controlled well, they will in turn damage our kidney. Therefore, it is necessary to tightly control these problems. You can ask your local doctor for oral medicines, as they know your illness condition better. Also, you can ask our online doctor for help.

3. Repair damaged kidney structure to restore kidney function

Creatinine level goes up because creatinine can not be cleared timely, so if we want to reduce creatinine level, we need to strengthen kidney and improve kidney function firstly. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is available in rebuilding damaged kidney structure. With help of this herbal treatment, illness can be reversed to a better condition.

4. A well-planed diet

Diet we need to follow with elevated serum creatinine level and Diabetes must be good for kidney and also it must be low in sugar. Although we can not get kidney problem cured by making diet changes, but a well-planed diet helps to reduce burden on kidney, which is very helpful in the tight control of serum creatinine level.

5. Avoid cold and infection

Cold and infection are the leading two aggravating factors. We may suffer from acute kidney failure due to these two factors, so we need to take some measures to avoid cold and infection in our daily life.

All in all, serum creatinine level is a clinical manifestation of damaged kidney and Diabetes is the leading one cause of kidney disease around the world. Therefore, if you are a diabetic, please tightly control your blood sugar and meanwhile have physical examination regularly, so as to know your kidney condition well.

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