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Is 3.6 Serum Creatinine Level Dangerous

Is 3.6 Serum Creatinine Level DangerousIs 3.6 serum creatinine level dangerous? If you are suffering high creatinine level, please read on to find more detailed information.

Is 3.6 serum creatinine level dangerous?

Yes, serum creatinine level 3.6 is dangerous, because it means end stage kidney failure which is life-threatening.

Creatinine is a harmful substances produced in our boy and needs to be eliminated by kidneys. Normally, serum creatinine level fluctuates in range 0.5-1.3mg/dL or 44-106umol/L. When too much creatinine is produced in our body, our kidneys will eliminate them through urine. Therefore, by measuring serum creatinine level, we can know well about our kidney condition.

Serum creatinine level 3.6 is much higher than reference value, which means kidneys have been severely damaged. Kidneys play very important roles in our body. They not only cleanse blood, but also secrete hormone, maintain electrolyte balance and adjust blood pressure. When kidney function is severely impaired, lots of health issues will be caused and some of them are life-threatening. That is why 3.6 serum creatinine level is dangerous.

Is there any treatment to help recover from serum creatinine level 3.6?

In so many countries, dialysis and kidney transplant are regarded as the last two life-sustaining options when serum creatinine level becomes very high, but in China, there are alternative treatments that can restore kidney function and reduce high serum creatinine level.

For high serum creatinine level 3.6, treatments like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy and Blood Pollution Therapy are given in China. These treatments can nourish renal tissues, activate kidney intrinsic cells and rebuild damaged kidney structure, which are conducive to the recovery of damaged kidney. These treatments are based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), so currently they are only available in China.

Serum creatinine level 3.6 is dangerous, but there is effective treatment for it. High serum creatinine level is due to damaged kidney, so when kidney function is restored, creatinine level goes back to normal range naturally.

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