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Will High Creatinine Level Cause Swelling

Will high creatinine level cause swelling? If your serum creatinine level is high, you might realize you always have lots of symptoms to deal with and swelling might be one of your trouble. Why is this? Will high creatinine level cause swelling?

That is true, high creatinine level is accompanied with swelling easily and this is because high creatinien level is due to impaired kidney function which can cause swelling as well.

Serum creatinine level is high when kidney function is impaired

Creatinine is a waste product from the normal breakdown of muscle tissue. As creatinine is produced, it is filtered through kidneys and excreted in urine. That is to say, as long as our kidneys can function normally to filter our blood, serum creatinine level will stay in normal range 0.5-1.3mg/dL.

Will High Creatinine Level Cause SwellingSince creatinine is excreted by our kidneys, so when kidney function is impaired, creatinine that should be removed by kidney will build up in blood, leading to high serum creatinine level. Based on clinical studies, serum creatinine level goes up when half of kidney function is impaired.

Swelling is one of the common symptoms of kidney disease

Healthy kidneys play so much roles in our body. They not only adjust our blood pressure, so as to keep blood pressure in normal range, but also secret hormone needed by our body, maintain electrolyte balance, remove wastes and unwanted fluid out of the body as urine. Our kidneys play so many important roles, so when they are damaged, we will face various health issues.

In cases of kidney disease, there are several factors that can trigger swelling:

1. Elevated sodium level in blood

When kidneys fail to eliminate extra sodium, sodium level in blood increases, which can trigger fluid retention, and thus lead to swelling.

2. Fluid imbalance

Healthy kidneys can remove unwanted fluid out of the body as urine. Damaged kidneys can not do this job well, as a result of which, fluid stay in body, and finally causes swelling.

3. Low protein level in blood

In Nephrotic Syndrome, due to severe protein leakage, protein level in blood decreases, which can cause decrease of Plasma Osmotic Pressure. On this occasion, swelling occurs as well.

Serum creatinine level is an indicator of kidney function. High creatinine level means kidneys are damaged and when kidneys fail to function properly, swelling is caused easily. That is why in some cases, patients with high creatinine level experience swelling problem. If you still have any question about how high creatinine level is connected with swelling or you want to know how to cure high creatinine level and swelling, please leave us message below. Our nephrologist will reply you with solution in 24 hours.

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