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patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

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High Blood Pressure Will Further Elevate Serum Creatinine Level

If your serum creatinine level is high, please remember to check your blood pressure regularly, so as to make sure your blood pressure is controlled in normal range, because high blood pressure will further elevate serum creatinine level. Read on to get details.

How is serum creatinine level elevated by high blood pressure?

Serum creatinine level is an indicator of kidney condition, which increases with decline of kidney function. High blood pressure is also called Hypertension and it is a common disease in which blood flows through blood vessels at higher than normal pressures. Our kidneys are natural filter of our body because they can filter our body and clear toxins away from our body. In our kidneys, there are large amounts of tiny blood vessels. Kidney function decline when these blood vessels are damaged due to persistent high blood pressure. Aas a result, serum creatinine level goes up.

High Blood Pressure Will Further Elevate Serum Creatinine LevelWill high serum creatinine level be reduced by tight control of blood pressure?

Since high blood pressure might further elevate serum creatinine level, so it is necessary for us to control blood pressure in normal range. Well, will high serum creatinine level be reduced by tight control of blood pressure?

High serum creatinine level is due to impaired kidney function, so if we want to reduce creatinine level in blood, we need to improve kidney function, instead of just control blood pressure. You might be prescribed with medicines like hypotensive drugs, antibiotics, diuretics and immunosuppressive agents to deal with your condition. These medicines are helpful, but can not solve problem fundamentally, because these tablets only control symptoms and they cannot repair kidney damages to improve kidney function. To get high creatinine level reduced fundamentally, you can try treatments like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Blood Pollution Therapy, Immunotherapy and so on. These treatments not only alleviate symptoms caused by kidney disease, but also strengthen kidney and increase self-recovery ability of kidney, so as to achieve the goal of improving kidney function.

All in all, high blood pressure can further elevate serum creatinine level, and so it is necessary for us to have a tight control about our blood pressure, so as to avoid unnecessary harm on kidney.

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