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patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

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Creatinine Level Is Creeping Up, How to Lower It without Medicine

Is your creatinine level creeping up? If yes, what treatment are you taking to control it? If your treatment is effective, why does your creatinine level still keep increasing? How to lower it without medicine? If you are interested in this topic, please read on and get answers.

Creatinine level is creeping up, what does it mean?

In medicine, serum creatinine level is measured to know about kidney condition, because kidneys are responsible for clearing creatinine away from our body. Elevation of serum creatinine level means our kidneys can not function well to cleanse our blood, which is a very dangerous condition, because these toxic substances may damage any part of our body if they stay in our blood.

Creatinine Level Is Creeping Up, How to Lower It without MedicineWhy does creatinine level keep increasing, even if we are taking treatment?

Serum creatinine level changes with impairment or improvement of our kidney function. In general, the poorer the kidney function, the higher then serum creatinine level. Elevation of serum creatinine level means more and more creatinien are accumulating in our body, which indicates our kidney function is declining. Also, if our creatinine level keeps creeping up when we are taking treatment, it means our treatment is not effective enough to improve kidney function. In such a case, dialysis is needed sooner or later.

How to lower creatinine level without medicine?

To bring creatinine level down to normal range, we need to strengthen kidney and improve kidney function. If you are tired of taking various tablets, you can try Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is a Chinese herbal treatment derived from TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). This herbal treatment can activate kidney intrinsic cells, promote blood circulation and repair injured kidney tissues to restore kidney function. This treatment is mentioned here because all the herbs are used externally, not orally. When you take this treatment, you just need to lie on bed for 30-40 minutes with medicine bags on your kidney area. So far this is no cure for chronic kidney failure, but with help of this herbal treatment, your illness can be reversed to mild stage, and also your creatinine level can be tightly controlled in good level.

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