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patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

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What Foods to Avoid with High Creatinine Level

What Foods to Avoid with High Creatinine Level

What foods to avoid with high creatinine level? This topic is usually concerned by people with kidney problem, because high creatinine level indicates impaired kidney function. If you are happen to be a kidney disease sufferer and wondering what foods to avoid, please read on to get detailed information.

High creatinine level is due to damaged kidney, so we need to avoid foods bad for kidney. In general, following foods should be avoided by patients who have high creatinine level:

1. Salted foods

Salted foods should be avoided with high creatinine level, because salted foods are high in sodium. High sodium diet not only trigger fluid retention, but also further elevates blood pressure, which is very bad for our kidney. Therefore, salted foods like pickles, pasta sauce, bacon, cheese, instant noodles, bottle salad dressing and so on.

2. High lipid foods

High lipid foods should be avoided as well when our creatinine level in blood is high, because we are easily to get hyperlipemia when our kidneys fail to function properly. To reduce risk for hyperlipemia, high lipid foods like fatty meat, nuts, yolk, fried foods, chocolate, cream, and some dairy products should be avoided.

3. High potassium foods

High potassium foods should be avoided with high creatinine level, if potassium level in blood is high. Not everyone with kidney disease certainly face hyperkalemia problem, and some of them even have low potassium level in blood due to kidney damage. Therefore, high potassium foods like white beans, spinach, white mushroom, avocados and banana should be avoided by high creatinine level patients who have elevated potassium level in blood.

4. Limit protein intake

Although protein do good to our body, high protein diet is not suggested if we have high creatinine level. Daily protein intake is determined according to residual kidney function. In general, if we have not start dialysis and if we are already on dialysis, protein intake should be increased. Additional, high quality protein like egg white, lean meat, and fish are always good food option for protein.

Besides above mentioned information, we also need to pay attention to phosphorus and calcium intake. In general, high phosphorus foods should be avoided with high creatinine level and high calcium foods are recommended to strengthen our bone.

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