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Polycystic kidney disease is a family disease.Many cysts enlarge and increase as time passes by.The early symptoms for Polycystic kidney disease are backaches and high blood more

Chronic kidney failure is a condition that kidney loses its function gradually.With its development,many clinical symptoms occur in the whole body,which speed up the progression of chronic kidney more

FSGS is another top reason for kidney failure and most patients suffer from kidney failure in the end.So the early detection of FSGS is so significant that natural treatment can be applied to slow the progression of kidney more


Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy based on Chinese medicines treats kidney disease from more


Immunotherapy combines advantages between Chinese medicines and Western medicines to overcome kidney more

patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

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Creatinine:Best Tests for Knowing about Kidney Disease

Creatinine is a breakdown product of creatine which are included in the muscle.Under normal circumstances,Creatinine is a fairly constant rate.Many kidney disease patients can see the creatinine level in your laboratory tests.Why does it the best tests for knowing about kidney disease? and how to treat it?Follow our descriptions and find your answers.

Creatinine is an important index to know about the remaining kidney function.Creatinine is a chemical waste molecule that is generated from muscle metabolism.About 2% of the body’s creatine is converted to creatinine every day.Creatinine is transported through the bloodstream to the kidneys.The kidneys filter out most of the creatinine and dispose of it in the urine.The kidneys maintain the blood creatinine in a normal range.So elevated creatinine level indicates impaired kidney function or kidney disease.When kidney becomes abnormal,the creatinine level in the blood will rise due to poor clearance of creatinine by the kidneys.Abnormally high levels of creatinine warn the possible of malfunction or failure of the kidneys.Therefore a more precise measure of the kidney function can be estimated by calculating how much creatinine is cleared from the body by the kidneys.Creatinine clearance can also be more directly measured by collecting a 24-hour urine sample.

How to treat the elevated creatinine?

Kidney Therapy China

Blood Purification

Blood Purification contain hemodialysis,hemofiltration,hemoperfusion,plasma exchange and immune absorption.With these latest techniques,creatinine can be filtered out of body at fast speed thus reducing the risk of getting other complications.Blood Purification is well-recognized by many people and helps to solve many other kidney problems such as keep normal creatinine level.

Blood Pollution Therapy

Blood Pollution Therapy refers to treating blood firstly instead of treating kidney.When the blood becomes clear,kidney damage can be relieved gradually such as reduce the elevated creatinine level.

We have many other therapies for reducing creatinine level.If you have any questions about kidney disease,email to with your informations and our experts will help you with individual suggestions.

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