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patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

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Can Water Solve The Problems Of High Creatinine

Kidney patients care about their creatinine level very much. There are many therapies to lower down high creatinine level. Well then, can water solve the problems of high creatinine? Follow us to find the answer.

Can Water Solve The Problems Of High CreatinineDrinking water can decrease high creatinine level to some extent because water can increase your urine output and help discharge some creatinine out. But it can not deal with the essential issues.

When kidney patients with high creatinine level do not have swelling, high blood pressure and their urine amount is nearly normal, then drinking water can help increase urine frequency. Then, creatinine will be eliminated from the body. However, if high creatinine level patients have severe edema and high blood pressure, and the impaired kidney function has already led to decreased urine volume, then, fluid intake should be limited. And you can not count on drinking more water to reduce high creatinine levels.

What is the treatment for high creatinine level?

High creatinine level is from injured kidney tissues and decreased kidney function. Thus, the radical treatment for elevated creatinine level should aim at repairing injured kidney tissues and improving renal function. Only in this way can high creatinine level be reduced radically. Here we recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This therapy is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The active ingredients in Chinese medicines can arrive at kidney lesion directly with the help of osmosis machine and play the functions of dilating blood vessels, improving blood circulation, preventing inflammation and coagulation, degrading extracellular matrix, providing nutrients and removing blood stasis. This can stimulate the self-healing ability of injured kidney tissues and improve renal function gradually. When renal fnuction is improved, excess creatinine will be discharged out of your body. Then high creatinine level will be decreased naturally. Moreover, other symptoms such as poor appetite, nausea, vomiting and swelling, etc can all be relieved from the root.

Can water solve the problem of high creatinine level? It can do some help but it is not sufficient. Taking Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the radical treatment for elevated creatinine level. If you have any question, you can leave a message below or send an email to We will reply you as soon as possible.

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