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patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

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First See the Creatinine Decrease Within 6 Years In Purpura Nephritis

Xiaoli is 25 years old and comes from Yunnan. 6 years ago, he was diagnosed purpura nephritis. There are red spots in both his hands and feet. Also he experienced dizziness, headache, blurred vision, protein 3+ and occult blood 3+. After one month of treatment in his local hospital, the lad reports were still protein 2+ and occult blood 2+. The curative effect was not good. Then he began to take oral Chinese medicine soup. Half year later, the protein became 3+, occult blood 3+, creatinine 446umol/L and urea nitrogen 12.77mmol/L. He was diagnosed with purpura nephritis and chronic kidney failure. After 7 days of hospitalization, urea nitrogen was 16.8mmol/L and creatinine was 620umol/L. Seeing his condition worse and worse, he urged to leave the hospital.

In order to seek better treatment, he visited many hospitals but his final choice is our hospital-Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital.

Before our treatment

Creatinine level 520umol/L

Urea nitrogen 20.3umol/L

24h urine protein quantity 5.65g

Symptoms including swelling, difficult breath, poor sleep quality , poor appetite and low spirit

Within these 6 years, due to his improper treatment, his creatinine level keeps rising and his condition has been in kidney failure stage. There are lots of toxins accumulating in his body. If these toxins can not be removed from his body, his kidneys will be damaged further and his creatinine level will keep on rising. Therefore, our doctor first gives him dialysis next to the bed once. This can help discharge middle molecular toxins from his body, otherwise, his life is at risk. And then, we give him our hospital’s unique Chinese medicine treatments to cleanse toxins in kidney intrinsic cells. We make good use of Chinese medicines which have the function of removing toxins from blood so as to achieve the purpose of purifying toxins in kidneys.

After our treatment

With just one month of our Chinese medicine treatments, this patient’s creatinine level is reduced to 221umol/L, urea nitrogen is lowered to 12.8umol/L and 24h urine protein quantity is lowered to 4.41g. Moreover, his swelling disappears and his sleep quality is improved greatly. Now he has a high spirit.
First See the Creatinine Decrease Within 6 Years In Purpura Nephritis
First See the Creatinine Decrease Within 6 Years In Purpura Nephritis

High creatinine level 520umol/L is reduced to 221umol/L. It can not be achieved by only dialysis next to the bed. The main reason is our Chinese medicines can repair injured glomeruli and recover its metabolic function. If you want more information, you can consult us via the following ways:

Our email:

Whatsapp/phone: 008618330110929

Facebook: xueling ren

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