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patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

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How to Lower Creatinine 2.6 with Certain Diet

How to Lower Creatinine 2.6 with Certain DietHow to lower creatinine 2.6 with certain diet? This is a common question for people with high creatinine level. In order to explain this question, we need to know what does high creatinine 2.6 mean for kidney disease patients?

Creatinine is a sign for kidney disease patients with severely reduced kidney function, and creatinine is the byproduct of muscle metabolism. When the kidneys can work normally or the kidney function is slightly reduced, the kidneys can still excrete the creatinine from blood, so patients will not suffer from high creatinine level. However, when kidneys are damaged severely and patients have less than 50% kidney function, people will experience high creatinine level.

How to lower high creatinine 2.6 with certain diet?

- Keep a vegetarian diet

Since creatinine is the waste product of muscle activity and the meat metabolism in body, so patients need to limit their meat intake and especially keep a vegetarian diet. In this way, it will cut off the creatinine produce in blood from the root.

- Keep a low protein diet

Kidney disease patients also need to keep a low protein diet, which can help reduce the kidney burden and protect the residual kidney function. When the kidney function will not be reduced, the creatinine level will not be higher.

- Take much water

If kidney disease patients don’t have sever swelling, they can take more water in their daily life, which can help increase the urine output. Once the urine output is increased, the creatinine can be removed from urine, then the creatinine 2.6 can be lowered.

- Supply enough nutrition

Kidney disease patients need to supply enough nutrition depending on their illness condition, which can help improve their immune system and prevent further damage to kidneys caused by infections. In this condition, the residual kidney function can be protected and the creatinine level will not get higher.

Above are the certain diet for kidney disease patients to lower their high creatinine 2.6, which will be helpful for all the kidney disease patients. Since the illness condition of kidney disease patients differs from case to case, so every patients need to follow their specific diet. If you want to get a specific diet plan on your condition, you can send your test report to, we will answer you as soon as possible.

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