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patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

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Does GFR 7 and Creatinine 6.5 Means Death Is Close At Hand

Does GFR 7 and Creatinine 6.5 Means Death Is Close At HandPatients with kidney disease are very eager to know if low GFR value and high creatinine level mean that death is close at hand. In recent days, a patient with GFR 7 and creatinine 6.5 consult us if he is at risk of death. To help him, we have analyzed his condition, and here we will give him an overview.

What does GFR 7 mean?

GFR describes that how much blood glomeruli can filter in a minute. For healthy people, GFR ranges from 100-130 ml/min. However, for patients with kidney disease, kidney is impaired and kidney function decreases, making GFR decline. In addition, the seriously kidney function declines, the lower GFR is. Thus, GFR is used as a measure of kidney function, and Chronic kidney disease is divided into 5 stages according to GFR. At end stage kidney disease, GFR is less than 15 ml/min. So we can know patients with GFR 7 are at end stage kidney disease. Now let’s see the condition of end stage kidney disease:

Kidney almost can’t remove wastes and toxins from body completely. Lots of symptoms can occur obviously, as following:

-poor appetite

-nausea or vomiting



-skin itching and changes

-urine changes


-muscle cramps

What is worse, some life threatening complications can occur like heart disease and cardiovascular problems. In general, kidney transplant and dialysis are always recommended for patients with end stage kidney disease.

What does creatinine 6.5 mean?

In clinic, creatinine level is used as an important indicator of how severely kidney function declines. Creatinine is a waste produced when muscles metabolize. Due to kidney disease, kidney can’t eliminate much creatinine from body, causing high creatinine level. According to research, when creatinine level increases to 5, dialysis is needed to help kidney remove wastes. Creatinine level for normal people is between 0.5 and 1.2 mg/dL. So we can know that creatinine 6.5 is extremely higher than normal level.

Then are patients with creatinine 6.5 and GFR 7 at risk of death?

From the above, we can know patients with creatinine 6.5 and GFR 7 are really at stake, and they must get treated effectively to alleviate disease condition. They should do dialysis to remove wastes and toxins from body, alleviating complications like heart disease and cardiovascular problems. But this is not enough, because dialysis can’t help repair kidney damage and recover kidney function which are the fundamental factors to control conditions. Chinese medicines shows very effective on repairing kidney damage and recovering kidney function. Chinese medicines are the combination of modern technology and traditional Chinese medicines which has a long history of over 2000 years. According to statistics, Chinese medicines have achieved great success in recovering kidney function.

In a word, patients with creatinine 6.5 and GFR 7 need to take active measures to lower creatinine level and recover kidney function. Chinese medicines and dialysis can help them get good effects.

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