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patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

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Foods to Minimize High Urea and Creatinine

Foods to Minimize High Urea and CreatinineFor patients with chronic kidney disease like FSGS, kidney failure, Nephrotic Syndrome and IgA Nephropathy, high urea and creatinine always follow them, making them very annoyed. How to minimize levels of high urea and creatinine is what they care about very much. Apart from Hot compress therapy which is very effective to lower urea and creatinine, here we will mostly introduce food which helps minimize high creatinine and urea in daily life, hoping useful for you.

Prior to the point, let’s understand how high urea and creatinine is caused by kidney disease.

Urea produced when protein is decomposed in body and creatinine produced when muscles metabolize are wastes in body. And kidney filter the blood to remove wastes from body. However, due to kidney disease, kidney cant’t eliminate large quantities of wastes from body, resulting in high creatinine and urea level.

Now see what food patients with kidney disease should eat can help minimize high levels of urea and creatinine.

1. Low intake of protein

Much protein can produce lots of urea in body, contributing to elevation of urea level. So patients with kidney disease should eat a low protein diet in daily life. But they can eat more high quality protein food like fish, lean meat and milk. Because high quality protein produces very few wastes and can also provide essential amino acid which is important for body. Besides, creatinine is found in many kinds of meat like chicken, beef and pork, so limiting meat which contains creatinine is important to lower creatinine level.

2. Limit intake of salt or sodium

As we know, sodium makes blood pressure elevate directly, which does harm to kidney function and results in high creatinine and urea. Thus, patients with kidney disease should restrict intake of salt in daily life.

3. Supplement of enough vitamins

As is known to all, vitamins do much good to our health, supplying many kinds of nutrients. Patients with kidney disease need to eat more vitamins such as vegetables and fruits in daily life, which benefits kidney a lot.

4. Limit intake of phosphorus

Due to kidney disease, phosphorus builds up in body, and much intake of phosphorus can aggravate deposition of phosphorus, putting more pressure on kidney. In this way, creatinine and urea can’t be removed from body. So limiting phosphorus is essential for patients with kidney disease.

The below is food we conclude which helps kidney remove wastes from body through urine:





Nettle leaf


These food can be used as diuretics to increase urine, helping remove creatinine and urea from body. You take a fancy to some food and want to know if it is good for you, then you can contact us online doctor or leave a message freely. We are very glad to give you the best suggestions.

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