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patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

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What Is the Best Medicine to Reduce the High Level of Creatinine

What Is the Best Medicine to Reduce the High Level of CreatinineWhat is the best medicine to reduce high creatinine level? Creatinine level in blood becomes higher and higher with kidney problem and when it reaches to a certain level, usually higher than 5, dialysis is required soon. For this reason, keeping serum creatinine level in a normal range is very important. Well, what is the best medicine to reduce the high level of creatinine?Read on to find the answer.

Why creatinine level keeps raising when kidney function is affected?

To know well about the best method that can reduce serum creatinine level, we need to find out why creatinine level in blood keep increasing with kidney problem:

In medicine, to know whether someone is affected by kidney disease, we need to have a series of tests like routine urine test, blood test and imaging examination. These tests help us to learn about kidney condition from different aspects. Serum creatinine refers to creatinine level in blood, so by routine blood test, we can get the value of creatinine level. In medicine, we meausre serum creatinine level just because this kind of body waste is normally discharged out of our body through kidney. Therefore, fluctuation of creatinine level in blood reflects kidney condition directly. Generally, elevation of serum creatinine means kidneys fail to discharge excess creatinine in blood. It is a symbol of impairment of kidney function.

What is the best medicine to reduce the high level of creatinine

If you have read the last paragraph carefully, you must know serum creatinine level increases is due to impaired kidney function. Thus, only when kidney funcion gets improved, can excess creatinine be excereted successfully.

As for the medicine that can restore kidney function and reduce high creatinine level, micro-Chinese medicine is highly recommended. Micro-Chinese medicine not refers to a simple herb, but a combination of several herbs. These herbs are demonstrated to activate injured kidney intrinsic cells and strengthen their self-curative ability by a vast amount of clinical and experimental researches. Kidney functions through a groups of kidney intrinsic cells like glomerular epithelial cell and glomeular endothelial cell. Decline of kidney function is usually associated with the damage of these kidney cells. Therefore, in cases of kidney disease, by repairing some injured kidney intrinsic cells, kidney function can be improved to some extend, and also creatinine level can be lowered down successfully.

Lastly, micro-Chinese medicine is a recomended to reduce high creatinine level, but it only works among kidney disease patients who still have urine output. For these whose kidneys have been damaged completely, it shows little treatment effects. Also, Chronic Kidney Disease can not be cured with this medicine, and only a certain kidney function can be restored. Therefore, seriously think about if it is proper for you to adopt this treatment method before you make decision.

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