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patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

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What Does 2.5 Creatinine Level Mean

What Does 2.5 Creatinine Level MeanIf patients with kidney disease have creatinine 2.5, what does it mean? For healthy people, creatinine level ranges from 0.5-1.2 mg/dL. Patients with kidney disease always have higher creatinine level than normal range. Here we will mostly explain why creatinine is high in patients with kidney disease and condition of creatinine 2.5, hoping it is useful.

Firstly, understand how high creatinine level is caused by kidney disease

Creatinine which is a waste is produced when muscles metabolize, when kidney filter the blood, creatinine in blood can be removed from body through urine. However, for patients with kidney disease, kidney has something wrong, affecting kidney function. In this way, kidney can’t eliminate lots of wastes including creatinine from body, thus, creatinine level is higher than normal range.

Then see condition of creatinine 2.5.

According to research, creatinine level become very high when kidney function is left about less than 50%. Thus, we can speculate that patients with creatinine 2.5 is at stage 3 CKD. In this case, less than 50% kidney function is left with GFR dropping to 30-59ml/min. In addition, many symptoms occur very commonly like high blood pressure, anemia, swelling and bone problems.

It is very necessary that patients with creatinine 2.5 should control disease condition, preventing further deterioration.

Because if uncontrolled well, stage 4, even stage 5 can be developed at last. In this situation, dialysis or kidney transplant may be needed, what is worse, complications like cardiovascular problems and heart disease can occur very severely, threatening life very much.

So, how to treat creatinine 2.5?

Hot compress therapy, an effective therapy in Kidney Therapy China, can help patients with creatinine 2.5 lower creatinine level and alleviate conditions. The below is properties of Hot compress therapy:

1. Prevention of kidney inflammation

2. Inhibition of blood clotting

3. Promotion of blood circulation

4. Repair kidney damage

5. Improve kidney function

After Hot compress therapy, kidney function can be under recovery gradually, thus, lots of wastes and toxins can be eliminated from body, lowering creatinine level.

In addition, they should have a low protein diet, because much protein can produce much urea which is a waste, putting more burdens on kidney. And eating less meat or avoiding meat like chicken and pork is necessary, because creatinine is found to be in much meat like pork or chicken.

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