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patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

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Stem Cell Therapy for High Creatinine Level

Stem Cell Therapy for High Creatinine LevelStem Cell Therapy is a good treatment option for kidney disease patients to get their high creatinine level lowered down permanently. And it does this job in the following way:

1. Repair kidney damage to improve kidney function

Creatinine level in blood is usually measured to reflect kidney condition. And high serum creatinine level mean low kidney function.

Creatinine is produced when meat is consumped in our body. With regular diet, creatinine produced in our body does not fluctuate too much everyday. A healthy kidney helps to excrete a certain amount of creatinine everyday, so creatinine level in the blood is always kept in the range of 0.5 to 1.3mg/dL. For people with kidney damage, impairment of kidney function leads to the buildup of excess creatinine in the blood, because damaged kidney can not excrete creatinine as much as they should. Therefore, improvement of kidney function is the fundamental way to lower high creatinine level. Stem Cell Therapy can help to reduce creatinine level just because it can improve kidney function.

2. How is kidney function improved by Stem Cell Therapy

Kidney is an oragn that works through different kidney intrinsic cells. For people with kidney problem, dead kidney cells can not be revived any more, which leads to decline of kidney function directly. Also, for this reason, kidney failure can not be cured.

Stem cells refers to a group of undifferentiated bilogical cells which can differentiate into specialized cells and divide to produce more stem cells. By cultivating stem cells, they can differentiate into kidney specific cells to replace the dead one work. When much more kidney cells work, kidney function is improved.

Lastly, Stem Cell Therapy as of now is one of the most advanced treatment method for kidney failure patients. And with this treatment, not only high creatinine level can be lowered down, many other problems caused by impairment of kidney function also can be solved successfully. End stage kidney failure is life-threatening, but it is not dealy if we can treat it well. Therefore, even if your illness has developed to a very terrible condition, you should keep being opmistic and treat treatment as soon as possible to prolong lifespan.

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