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Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy based on Chinese medicines treats kidney disease from more


Immunotherapy combines advantages between Chinese medicines and Western medicines to overcome kidney more

patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

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Can Acupuncture Decrease Creatinine Level

Can Acupuncture Decrease Creatinine LevelAcupuncture is a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) which is very kidney-beneficial if used properly. Serum creatinine level is an indicator of kidney function, which becomes higher and higher when kidneys shut down. Since acupuncture promotes kidney health, so can acupuncture decrease creatinine level?

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a medical practice involving long thin needles as well as specific points on the body. These acupoints are closely associated with our body organs or systems. When we stimulating these acupoints by inserting needles to specific points, we can achieve the goal of healing illness.

What treatment effects we can get from acupuncture?

For kidney disease patients, if they add acupuncture into their treatment properly, they can get the following treatment effects:

-Strengthening of immune system and increase of immunity

-Increase of bloodstream in kidney as well as improvement of renal blood circulation

-Alleviation of physical discomforts like tiredness, poor appetite, sleep problem and pain feeling.

-Normalization of lab indicators

-Increase of self-healing of kidney

Can acupuncture decrease creatinine level?

Creatinine is a waste product that is normally removed out of the body by kidney. That is why kidney problem is always accompanied with elevation of serum creatinine level. Under such a condition, if we want to decrease creatinine level, we need to start from strengthening kidney.

Acupuncture is of beneficial-kidney function, so by adding acupuncture to treatment in a proper way as well as a proper time, kidney function can be increased greatly. When kidney works better, creatinine level is decreased successfully. Therefore, acupuncture contributes to the decrease of serum creatinine level.

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